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Yes. Star Magazine is claiming Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib married during their quick jaunt to Rosarito, Mexico, back in January.

The two had a secret wedding, according to the celebrity gossip magazine, despite Adnan Ghalib being legally married to AzLynn Berry.

Star Magazine told the New York Daily News of the supposed quickie wedding that “Our source on this was not in Rosarito Beach at the ceremony, but is very familiar with the fact that [wedding] documents exist.”

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Star also claims Britney gave Adnan $250,000 to buy out AzLynn Berry.

[SIDE NOTE: Check out the other headline that claims Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge have moved into their very own double-wide trailer!]

Britney Spears allegedly told her lawyers, who imposed a $1,000-a-day spending limit on the pop singer, that she needed the cash for a new Mercedes.

The Hollywood Gossip heard speculation that Britney Spears married Adnan Ghalib back on January 12, but this rumor was never confirmed.

Now Star Magazine has supposedly connected the sketchy, married dots. You tell us, celeb news fans … do you believe this story?