Kevin Federline Gets A$$ Kicked ... on One Tree Hill

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We love One Tree Hill.

The CW sure has cornered the market on cheesy dialogue and characters that you somehow can't stop watching. Then they throw K-Fed into the mix.

Kevin and Jayden James Federline

While we imagine his One Tree Hill character to be at least a little like Kevin Federline in real life, you cannot deny his brilliance in this role.

The aspiring actor and rumored reality show star says one day he'd like to play someone who's not an ass. We say why fix something that ain't broke?

Watch the clip below, from last night, and you'll see what we mean.

Spoiler alert: Kevin Federline gets knocked the f*%k out! After he makes some rude comments, this dude totally goes Mams Taylor on FedEx ...


Says the One Tree Hill character played by K-Fed: "You think you were good? The only reason people were clapping is because I told them you were retarded."


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