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Jenna Bush and Henry Hager celebrated their final moments of unattached life with respective girls-only and guys-only getaways this month.

Bush, 26, the daughter of President George W. Bush, and a group of female friends headed to Florida in mid-February for a girls-only getaway.

“She had her weekend … in Boca Raton, but at a private home,” a source tells People. “It was like a spa weekend. It was very low-key.”

The following weekend, Henry Hager, 29, and a group of male friends kicked off a bachelor party in Miami. It was one for the ages.

“It was a total boy’s weekend,” says the source.

“There were about 20 guys, most of whom came down from D.C. and New York. They went fishing all day Saturday, but they didn’t catch anything!”

The group then headed to South Beach to continue the festivities. Wooo!

Jenna Bush and Henry Hager got engaged last year.

Henry Hager “was having a great time,” but called it a night around 1:30 a.m., while some of his friends stayed behind.

The couple is set to marry May 10 at the President’s ranch in Crawford, Tex. The Prez says he’s writing the checks but is out of the loop as far as planning.

The People source says Jenna Bush and Henry Hager are considering traveling to many countries and spending four weeks in Europe on their honeymoon.

Four weeks! Sucks to be an Intern at The Hollywood Gossip and receive a measly one week off ALL YEAR. But of course, wherever they go, our interns don’t have to worry about the Secret Service. So there are trade-offs.