Inside the Mind of Brooklyn Decker

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If you picked up the recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, you may have noticed a nearly-naked Brooklyn Decker. So you know she's hot.

Okay, she's more than just hot. She's Marisa Miller hot.

But there are things about this beautiful babe you might not know. Here are some excerpts from SI's recent Q&A with Brooklyn Decker...

The sexiest thing a man has done for her ...
Wrote me a song. It wasn't cheesy or sappy, just sweet.

The sexiest thing she's done for a man ...
You're going to get me in trouble with my dad! I surprised my BF on his birthday with floor seats to the UNC-Duke game. He goes to UNC and is a huge fan and so am I. That was definitely the coolest things I've done, which makes it sexy.

THG NOTE: Marry us, Brooklyn!

On a quiet, rainy day, she likes to ...
Lounge around in my PJs, provide lots of business for Blockbuster and cook for my roommates. I love to cook for them.

Brooklyn Decker Topless

When she get dressed up for a party, her clothing inspiration is ...
Well covered. When you go to a party, things get a little out of control. You don't want any slippages or to pull a Britney Spears. You want to be decent.

If she had to spend $1 million right now ...
I'd give to charity, because you don't have a heart if you don't give to charity. Part of it would go to a new house - I don't know where. And then I'd rent a big cruise ship and bring everyone I know on it.

On her favorite time to get naked ...
When I go to bed. I sleep in the nude sometimes.

Further thoughts on getting nude
I am not that scared of it. If you want to be nude, you want to be nude. I don't prance around naked all the time, but I've got nothing against it.

THG NOTE: It's nice to know that Brooklyn Decker has no problems with Brooklyn Decker naked, because we certainly don't. Finally ...

She has crushes on the following celebrities
Ryan Gosling and Adam Brody. I think Gosling is the best actor of our generation. He's so good looking but he's a great actor, too. Also Tom Hanks. He's my favorite actor but he's not conventionally attractive.

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