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Sometimes, the planets align and the worst people in the celebrity gossip world all congregate in one place. You never know when or where these moments will take place, but when they do, one cannot help but be in awe.

In this case, it’s an orange-haired, slimy, acne riddled Mario Lavendeira, a.k.a. Perez Hilton, partying at Area over the weekend with quasi-namesake Paris Hilton, Simon Rex, and none other than Osama (Sam) Lutfi.

Here’s a gross picture from the night’s festivities. Prepare to recoil in horror at the pure evil (and poor hygiene) of these seedy characters

When Perez Hilton and Sam Lutfi get together, there’s no telling what the evil duo might be planning. All we know is Alli Sims is sad she’s not in this picture!

On a side note, also in attendance was Paris’ brother, Barron Hilton, 18, who was arrested for DUI yesterday morning, and has since been freed on bail.