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The top 24 contestants on this year’s American Idol will be officially revealed tomorrow night.

Of course, The Hollywood Gossip published the names of these finalists awhile ago, as our sources have been on the prowl for weeks, yearning to bring readers such an exclusive.

Now, it appears as though the show has released a teaser photo of the final 24. Check it out below, as each contestant’s face is covered by a Simon Cowell mask:

Maddie Poppe Wins American Idol

We can make some educated guesses about who is who: Robbie Carrico (bottom row, left) can hide behind a mask all he wants, but the long, blonde hair is a dead giveaway.

Similarly, those dreadlocks (male, third from right, top row) confirm the fact that Jason Castro has advanced to the next round.

Do you recognize anyone else? Tune in to American Idol tonight and tomorrow night to watch the field get cut down to 24 – and remember to visit our site every day for the latest news, rumors and spoilers on the show!