Alli Sims Wants Attention, Peeps to Back Off Britney

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Don't worry, everyone - and we know you were.

Alli Sims is still talking to "cousin" Britney Spears.

"I cannot really say much more about [her], but she is doing well," Sims told Us Weekly in Beverly Hills Thursday night.

Britney Spears has been involuntarily hospitalized twice already in 2008 to treat her bipolar disorder. She is currently under the supervision of her parents (her father, Jamie Spears, and his lawyer, Andrew Wallet, have a legal, financial, and medical conservatorship) and hasn't seen her two sons since January 3.

"Everybody just keeps supporting her and rooting [for] her because everyone kind of goes through weird little patches in [their] life," Sims said.

When you a friend - or someone trying to sponge off you for attention and become famous themselves - you can always count on Alli Sims.

"You just need friends and family and everyone to support you and help you through it, and everything will be okay," Sims added.

Alli Sims, who is working on her first album, didn't comment on any other Britney Spears news, but say she and Brit "will definitely collaborate on something."

"I think we are kind of both open to anything," Sims said.

"We are really good friends, we are really close, and we love working on stuff together, so I think that possibly something like that could happen."

Alli Sims lived with Spears for eight months last year and previously told Us Weekly, "I wish people would give her a break and lay off her."

Just pay attention to her instead, people! It's what she wants!

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