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Some fans may remember Super Bowl XLII as an historic football game that saw one of the greatest upsets in professional sports history.

Others may not be able to tell you who won on the field, but they can rattle of a list of the best and worst Super Bowl commercials from the evening. To wit:

Lamest: Why not just stick with attractive WWE Diva Candice Michelle as your spokeswoman? Instead, the company pretended to give us a shot of Danica Patrick – who really should focus on winning a race instead of being a sex symbol – doing a striptease… only to resort to the tactic of telling viewers to go to its website in order to see more.

Right. Because Danica Patrick nude photos were surely all the rage there…


Most Inspired: Budweiser. When the Rocky music started to blare during this funny ad, which depicted a rejected Clydesdale being trained by a Dalmation, it took all our might not to pump out a few one-handed push-ups.


Funniest: The first E*Trade ad of the night that featured a talking baby was more gross than humorous. Vomit never sells. But the following commercial, focusing on the same child discussing the error of his clown-hiring ways, made us laugh harder than New Yorkers at Boston fans who thought they were special…