Tiffany Dupont Denies Sexual Trysts, Alerts Celebrity Gossip Outlets

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As a responsible celebrity gossip blog, we feel obligated to post the following letter to our site, submitted by the lawyer for Tiffany Dupont:

Our firm represents Tiffany Dupont. We understand that an email from a party claiming to be Ms. Dupont has been posted on your website. Tiffany has asked that we forward the following brief statement to you:

The email posted on your website under my signature was not sent by me. I have never met Tom Cruise or George Clooney. This is simply a hoax.

Accordingly, we are asking that you immediately remove the email posting and all responses to it. Thanks for your attention. All rights and remedies of our client are reserved.

We're glad we could help clear this up.

If we receive a notice from the doctor of Riley Giles, saying Lindsay Lohan has NOT actually given his patient an STD, we'll publish that, too.


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