Halo Love: Milo Ventimiglia Buys Hayden Panettiere a Ring

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They may deny any sort of romance, and Heroes co-stars James Kyson Lee, Masi Oka and Kristen Bell have all said on the record that they're not hitting it.

But Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere are SO hitting it.

A Cute Girl

Deny it all you want, Halo and friends. You're not fooling The Hollywood Gossip. Remember, Heroes fans. Masi Oka is a time-traveler, not a fortune teller.

The latest Halo proof - evidence that Milo Ventimiglia has been showing Hayden Panettiere his affections in a manner not consistent with mere friendship?

He bought her a ring.

A ring from Tiffany & Co.

According to In Touch Weekly, Milo, 30, gave Hayden an 18-karat gold ring - one karat for each year she's been alive! The ring is worth $1,950 and is her belated birthday present.

The sultry Hayden Panettiere, of course, became able to legally have relations - with voting machines! - back in August.

The ring Milo bought Hayden, called Somerset Heart, features a woven band and a heart, and according to the magazine, is inscribed:

"Sweet like Hayden."

Awww. We think it's sweet. And sexy. Frankly, we're not sure what the scandal is here.

Co-workers date all the time. Hayden's an adult, and should be able to see Milo Ventimiglia shirtless all she wants. If Woody Allen can marry his adopted daughter, we don't see the problem in 18 and 30-year-olds tanging it.

Go Halo!

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