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Illinois Senator Barack Obama may be criss-crossing the country campaigning for president, but he’s not completely out of the pop culture loop.

When he spotted Kate Walsh at a fund raising event in Hancock Park, Calif., October 20, he couldn’t help but make his way over to the actress to talk a little about her new ABC hit series, Private Practice.

“So great to see you!” Barack Obama said. “How’s the new show?”

Addison Returns!

“It’s going really well,” replied Kate Walsh, who was there with her husband of nearly two months, film producer Alex Young.

So what’s Barack Obama’s prognosis on Private Practice?

“I’m always out campaigning … I haven’t been able to watch it so I can’t give you a review,” he admitted, “but I’m sure it’s great.”

Ah, your classic non-answer answer. Spoken like a true politician. At least he’s willing to go out on a limb and say he doesn’t like Paris Hilton.

Barack Obama will have plenty of opportunities to check out the series: It was recently renewed for a full season. Hopefully he has TiVo.