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We've been hearing about Gossip Girl for months.

The latest brainchild of Josh Schwartz, this show on The CW is meant to combine the same humor, drama and beautiful young actors as his previous effort, The OC, delivered. Before it started to suck, that is.

So, was Gossip Girl reminiscent of the (wonderful) first season of The OC... or the (mind-numbingly painful) third season of that Schwartz creation?

For starters, the series is far darker than the one starring Mischa Barton, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson. There's no Seth Cohen-like character on the Upper Eastside of Mahattan, where Gossip Girl is set.

But the actors do fit their roles nicely, with the most believable and most well done being Dan and Jenny Humphrey, a pair in the mold of Ryan Atwood: they aren't as rich as the rest of the spoiled, young crowd, but they attend the same school for educational purposes.

There's certainly potential here for those that love primetime soap operas. Handsome, pretty faces. Cat fights. Non-stop text messaging and, of course, loads of sex. How can you go wrong?

Follow our link now to read even more about the first episode of Gossip Girl. You'll be glad you did.

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