Sarah Silverman Sort of Apologizes to Britney Spears, Jayden, Sean

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Sarah Silverman may have referred to her kids as "mistakes" at the Video Music Awards, but Britney Spears should really be thanking the comic.

As a result of this unpopular joke, the train wreck actually received a decent amount of sympathy... on top of everyone's horror over her performance on the show.

Silverman recently talked to Us Weekly about the incident, along with the new season of her show on Comedy Central:

Us: First off, were you surprised by the negative reaction to your Britney Spears jokes at the VMAs?
SS: The joke that everyone was upset about â€" me calling [Jayden James and Jam Master Sean P.] "adorable mistakes" â€" was the most innocuous joke. It never occurred to me that would be deemed hurtful or over the line. I don't want to get into feuds with girls half my age. I'm in it to be funny and not for the drama. It's embarrassing.

Us: On to your show: Is the new season crazier?
SS: The story lines are ridiculous! It's that contrast that makes the show work: absurdity played real.

Us: We hear Angelina Jolie is a fan of the show. True?
SS: I met her on the lot, and she was so cool! There is a chance she'll show up in an episode. I don't know why, but I'm seeing her in an Annie wig.


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