Star Jones On: Isaiah Washington, Britney Spears, Celebrity Gossip Culture

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Star Jones sucks.

The former co-host of The View, who misled viewers about how she lost recent weight and essentially begged companies to provide her with free schwag for her wedding, has somehow landed a new show on Court TV.

We wish we could ignore the woman that makes us yearn for Rosie O'Donnell, but Jones covered two of our favorite actors/nut jobs during her inaugural show Monday.

First, she spoke with guest Isaiah Washington, who Star non-sensically dubbed "the whipping boy for bad behavior."

The former Grey's Anatomy actor and future Bionic Woman guest star said of his experiences: "I hope everything I've gone through in the last eight months has not been in vain [and] these words disappear from the vernacular."

What a martyr.

"I didn't sense bitterness [from Isaiah]," Reynolds told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Monday. "If anything, it was great disappointment, and I understand that. But the only thing that moves you forward, in my opinion, is to not look at who did you wrong but to look at what you may have done wrong so you can be correctly given an opportunity the next time."

So profound.

Moving on to Britney Spears, Jones doesn't understand the hoopla surrounding this pop star. Yet she does admit to being a fan of celebrity gossip. We're not sure how both of those views are possible.

"I am obsessed with pop culture and the entertainment industry, but for the life of me I cannot understand why we are so obsessed with this young girl and her man, her children and her divorce," Star said. "We are sitting here tripping out because a 26-year-old is making mistakes â€" well, wonder of wonders!"

It should be noted that this opinion was expressed during a segment called "The Wrap Sheet," in which Jones and a panel discussed the latest celebrity news.

Jones expressed consternation at people discussing Britney Spears so much... by discussing Britney Spears! Wonder of wonders, indeed.

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