Jessica Simpson is a Major Movie Star

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She's also single now after her break-up with John Mayer. But we'll get to that later.

For now, all Jessica Simpson wants to talk about is her upcoming movie, Major Movie Star. She ven flew all the way to the Cannes Film Festival to talk about the film that doesn't even begin production until July 9.


"It's basically this girl who's a major movie star, who wants to be more respected because she always gets the blonde bimbo parts," Simpson said. "She doesn't get the roles she wants and ends up walking in on her costar, who is her boyfriend, and her hairdresser! And she figures she doesn't want this life anymore. So she joins the Marines."

This storyline makes as much sense to us as the idea of giving Kim Kardashian a reality show.

But it does sound a lot likethe 1980 classic Private Benjamin, which earned Goldie Hawn an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. And Jessica says she's always admired the mother of Kate Hudson.

"The script did remind me of Goldie and a Private Benjamin type of role," said Jessica Simpson. "I adore her and look up to her. I aspire to be her."

The singer may need to lose those giant boobs if she really wishes to resemble the more petite Goldie Hawn.

Meanwhile, Simpson remained silent about her recent breakup with Mayer.

She only wanted to speak about the film, for which, she said, she would be getting in serious shape, a la Demi Moore in G.I. Jane.

"I'm back on an extreme diet and workout," she said. "I have to be able to do take after take of push-ups and climbing walls and going through trenches and what-not... I'm working on my one armed push-up - in my high heels!"

Maybe someone should mention to Simpson that sneakers are far better to exercise in. Jessica Biel or Fergie, give this wanna-be actress some tips please.


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