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This is sad news.

We could tell that Hilary Duff was skanking herself up a bit, but we didn’t realize the lengths this former nice girl was willing to go to.

Reportedly, the Duff one was spotted at Les Deux the other night … with none other than man whore Stavros Niarchos. Witnesses say the two were “getting cozy” and “traded numbers – and a kiss – before they left.”

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We wonder how Paris Hilton will feel about this.

Then again, Paris is far from the only rich, talentless celebrity Stavros has bedded. His disgusting impressive resume also includes Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate Olsen.

In other words: make a run for it, Hilary. There are far less dirty guys you can sleep with if you really wanna prove how grown up you’ve become. At this alarming rate, you’ll be going the Lauren Conrad route and making a sex tape any day now.