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Romances involving Marilyn Manson have never been ordinary. Then again, nothing about Marilyn Manson could be deemed normal.

Remember then-girlfriend Rose McGowan‘s see-thru dress at the 1998 VMAs? And his goth wedding to Dita Von Teese at an Irish castle last year?

We don’t, but a lot of people who actually follow Manson’s career surely do. In any event, months before his marriage to Von Teese crumbled (she filed for divorce late last month), Manson’s love life took a turn for the … young.

Evan Rachel Wood Among The Greenery

It seems that the one-eyed “singer” has his eye fixed firmly on 20-year-old starlet Evan Rachel Wood, most famous for her roles in Thirteen and the TV series Once and Again.

Wood was clearly the center of his attention at a Beverly Hills house party on January 5, celebrating the musician’s 38th birthday.

“They were like an old married couple,” a source tells Us Weekly, which broke the story. “She was always right next to him and so attentive.”

After opening gifts (which included a live scorpion), Manson led Wood and pals into a room to listen to songs from his next album. “Evan was really into it,” says the source, “like she was possessed by his genius.”

That speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

A rep for Wood, however, maintains the couple, which met when Manson was considering casting the actress to star in his upcoming movie, Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll, are just pals.

“Their friendship grew out of Evan’s admiration for Marilyn as an artist,” says the representative.

THG NOTE: The term artist is certainly used loosely these days. Not unlike rocker, actress or even music producer (talking to you, J.R. Rotem).

To illustrate what a wonderful couple they make, here are some nice pictures of Manson and Wood. Aren’t they just adorable? They’re like Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter. Only not at all.


According to a Manson source, he was with the actress in L.A. as far back as September 28, which, not coincidentally, is Dita Von Tesse’s birthday.

Von Teese issued the following statement: “Sadly, the reports of our marital difficulties are true. I ask for your consideration and understanding during this painful and private time.”

Sorry, Dita, but we make our living at this stuff. There’s no hiding from it now. All you can do is hope for some Paris Hilton pussy sightings to deflect our attention.