2006: The Year of the Britney

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She's our most gossiped-about celebrity, and certainly the favorite of at least half the staff. So it's only fitting that on the last day of the year 2006, T.H. Gossip offers a brief tribute to the year in Britney Spears, while hoping 2007 brings us more of the same.

The new mom almost killed son Sean Preston more than once. K-Fed became FedEx. New baby Sutton Pierce turned out to actually be Jayden James. Britney went from knocked up to f*%ked up. We got to hear the names Jason Alexander and Shar Jackson again.

Mid-Air Boinkage

Good God. If we were to recap every noteworthy story or funny incident, it would be the longest retrospective imaginable. So we'll keep it brief. For a full collection of Britney Spears pictures from the past year, check out our official gallery. And please see our expansive, archived Britney Spears news section for all the Brit happenings since we've been in existence.

Without further ado, here's 2006: A Britney Spears Odyssey...

ROW 1: A pregnant Britney caught considerable flak for driving with her first-born, Sean Preston Federline, on her lap. Later, she would have dropped the poor little tyke on the street, were it not for the efforts of a stranger. Amazing.

ROW 2: Brit guest starred on Will & Grace (left), and on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. Although the latter was actually an interview with the star, and as you can see, it didn't go all that well as Spears was in full train wreck mode.

ROW 3: Some strange, semi-hot nude Britney Spears pictures in Harper's Bazaar marked the first time in 2006 that we'd seen the pop star naked... but the last time in which she was pregnant. Over the summer, we saw Britney looking like a truck driver hopped up on crystal meth. Good times.

ROW 4: Fresh off filing for divorce from Kevin Federline, Britney showed off a newly-hot body and fun-loving attitude. She then proceded to link up with some unsavory characters, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. The girl does not have the best taste in friends... or men, for that matter.

ROW 5: During a bizarre night on the town with Paris, Britney Spears' breasts stole the show... until they were upstaged by the unthinkable: A full-on, shaved, Britney Spears crotch shot. Seriously, who goes clubbing with no pants?

ROW 6: Showing off even more of her wild side, Britney made an appearance at a California strip club. And got up on stage. And did a little number. She was asked to get off the stage and leave by management. Finally, she hooked up with J.R. Rotem, a quote-unquote music producer and certified grease ball.

What a year. Here's to you, Britney, in hopes that '07 is half as fun.

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