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Orlando Bloom appears to be an open fella. Ask him about movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and he’ll talk at length about the experiences.

But bring up Kate Bosworth and the actor goes mum. He won’t comment on the couple’s break-up and we wouldn’t dare ask him to comment on rumors that pocket lint weighs more than his former flame.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Pic

Therefore, it’s doubtful that Orlando would have much to say about recent rumors that he’s dating Penelope Cruz. But we’ll spread them anyway!

The stars were seen twice at club Hyde together last week, fueling speculation that Penelope is either in full Bloom or Orlando is Cruzing for some tail. Choose your pun.

On Saturday, the two danced to the oldie “Run Around Sue” at the L.A. hot spot, as Bloom kissed Cruz’s hand affectionately. The same night, however, the Lords of the Rings star was also seen giving his digits to an unidentified girl, who he flirtatiously grabbed around the waist.

Something, of course, he wasn’t physically able to do with Bosworth near the end of their relationship.

“They were definitely together and holding hands,” a source said about the duo’s Hyde trips.

That’s like almost first base. But Cruz’s rep insists: “They are not dating.”

Sure. Whatever you say. And no man on the planet wants to kiss Jessica Alba, either.