Chevy Chase Busted For DUI...

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...On Law & Order, that is.

Yes, we deliberately misled you in the headline above, and apologize. We wanted to facetiously convey that Mr. Chase had gone Mel Gibson on us, but that is just plain false. This is an acting role, and he is clean. [THG NOTE: For actual celebrity mug shots, please visit our album]

NBC announced today that the comedy legend will be on the Emmy-winning crime drama this season, playing a TV star who is pulled over for drunk driving while wearing blood-soaked clothes, and whose surprising religious prejudice comes out after his arrest.

Sound like any crazy actor you know? We can't think of one.

The episode, entitled "In Vino Veritas," is slated to air on Friday, November 3.

Chevy Chase first came to national prominence as a writer and performer with the original cast of NBC's Saturday Night Live, for which he won two Emmys. He has since starred in more than 20 films, including National Lampoon's Vacation and its three sequels, Fletch and Caddyshack.

One of the many great Caddyshack quotes that could be reused in this new Law & Order episode could be when Chase's character is pulled over: "What brings you to this nape of the woods, er, neck of the wape, officer?"