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Brody Jenner says he’s not sure how he feels about being single, and since he’s only held that status for a day or so, we suppose that’s understandable.

Then again, the guy used to date Kristin Cavallari (below), and now does not. So he’s gotta be at least a little let down. I mean, look at the pic below. Where do you really go after that?

In any case, caught up with Brody Thursday, outside a Hollywood hot spot, and asked him how he is liking the single life. The two were reportedly back together as recently as late July, but Jenner confirmed to TMZ that they’re done. The trucker-hat wearing stud insists that Kristin is “a great girl,” the break-up is “private,” and he’s still not sure how he feels.

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Jenner declined to comment on whether he will now pursue Lauren Conrad, Kristin’s former high school classmate, Laguna Beach star and sworn enemy. We should note that he was never asked said question, but it sure would be some Gossip worthy material if he had been!