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Sorry, Brangelina, you can’t hog all the headlines this week. As her ex-husband was busy playing father, Jennifer Aniston took her new love, Vince Vaugh, to Australia. Together, the duo spent a lovely day visiting the Sydney Aquarium before seeing the Down Under premiere of their hit, The Break Up.

A rep for the aquariaum told PEOPLE’s Australian sister magazine, Who, that the pair arrived around 11:30 a.m. for a tour of the Great Barrier Reef exhibit. Both stars fed the sharks and looked genuinely happy in one another’s company.

The guide who escorted the couple found them to be “very friendly and chatty and interested in learning about the fish,” said the source. “They weren’t outwardly affectionate, but you could tell they were close to one another.”

Jennifer Aniston at SAGs
(Getty Images for Turner)

In other words, this was the opposite of any Linday Lohan/Jessica Simpson outing.

From the aquarium, Vinnifer headed to Café Sydney, overlooking the city’s harbor, where they shared a seafood platter for lunch; then it was a rest at their hotel before hitting the red carpet ��” separately, and so far apart they couldn’t be photographed together.

Asked by a reporter about the movie’s love lessons, Aniston replied, “Oh, what have I learned about relationships? You know, you learn nothing more from this movie than I think we learn from our real relationships. Which is communicate better, be as honest as you can be, and just try to do better.”

The inquiries then got more personal as the former Friends star was asked whether she would consider moving to Chicago, where the movie was filmed (and, incredibly enough, where she and Vaughn are rumored to be house-hunting). Her response:

“I would consider moving to Chicago, yeah. It’s a great city.” Her favorite thing about it? “The food.”

And a certain, strapping co-star.