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The OC may suck, but one good thing appears to have come out of the one-time enjoyable FOX drama: Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody. B-squared and all its glory were on display last week at Memphis, a southernrestaurant on Hollywood Boulevard

Well-known chef, Yossi, was cooking up delights and proceeds were benefitting the Los Angeles Mission. This young, happy couple joined the festivies, along with Dustin Hoffman and former Lost castaway Michelle Rodriguez.

Bilson commented on her own culinary skills:

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen
(Getty Images for Torch)

“I love to cook. I’m learning more and more,” she said. “I’ve mastered turkey meatloaf recently. You gotta start somewhere, right?”

Brody will probably take any home-cooked meal he can get. Meanwhile, Bilson dished up more than mere cooking thoughts. She advised celebrity couples who wished to remain out of the spotlight with the straightforward advice of, “don’t go everywhere together.”

Makes sense to us. Of course, you can probably take out the last word when it comes to Britney’s worse half: Just don’t go anywhere, K-Fed.