A Public Affair Nightmare for Jessica Simpson?

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While Madonna has been off making friends and touring, could another star be stealing one of her most well-known hits?

That's the buzz circulating around the latest from Jessica Simpson. Her new single, "A Public Affair" reminds many listeners of a Material Girl Classic, "Holiday."

Daisy Duke

Let's analyze the similarites: There's the the synth-pop beat to the jangly guitars in the beginning ... the eight-note motifs in the verses to the choruses that begin on an A ... and the use of the same key (B-minor).

In a completely unscientific poll, TMZ.com confirmed that every person to whom it played "A Public Affair" identified it as "Holiday." Simpson's rep says her latest tune is "a fun summer single and comparing to retro Madonna is flattering!"

Ripping off the cultural icon, however? That would be illegal.

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