The Jonas Brothers: It's Over!

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It is official. The Jonas Brothers have called it quits as a group.

And I was watching video about the jobros were breaking up and people listen to. Me they are not making that clear but they are wrong about them for what they are but I believe is but they must be together and I will not go against them to be their ways but it doesn't matter want you say about the.its not true and you now that and me I cannot understand this by doing the is to them and me and it is okay to have being their own just put that up first and then and be together again and it's simple and you now that and this now and never your choice and this right here and and you know what I'm s saying its true okay


And my defense is it's like what nick said for their show jonas la amd he said amd I quote "we always be a band " according to their hugest fan that ever found was Nicole Anderson amd she said and I quote " every one on earth thinks they are breaking up amd for nick says amd I quote " a rumor is a rumor and they wouldn't believe it " amd that's why I don't wan them to do this amd they need to be a grope and they know that .

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