Kanye West Attacks Photographer

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Kanye West attacks a photographer, again, as seen in this amazing TMZ video from July 2013.

I think he needs to slow down tho. http://qualityrumor.blogspot.c...


Kanye is the reason why Trayvon Martin was put down.


Oops make u or break u so keep it upp kanye.lolls my phone just spell what it wants.stupid ass phone


Photographers can make u or brake u so u have to be strong and not let them run ur life Soo keep it upp kayne. u may be an asshole but u have to be in a fucked off industry.but of coarse not ur fans.but I'm not to much tripping I like what I like.Soo do what u have to do.


Photographers can make u or brake so u have to strong and not met them run ur life Soo keep it upp Manuel.u may be an asshole but u have to be in a fucked off industry.


You guys think he needs "self-control?" The bitch deserved it and should've just left the guy alone! Good one, Kanye! Show them you're not taking their shit!!

@ Cee Cee

Kanye is the biggest self absorbed ahole! He needs to calm his stupid ass down! Before he even got famous he was an ahole. I had to deal with him at the limo company I work at before he even blew up, and he was a jerk than!


Maybe he will go to jail and Kim can find another loser

@ JoeyMo

Like you?


$250,000? That's chump change brother. You can just start adding on those zeroes. Watch, his lawyer will have him in a neck brace or in traction by tomorrow.


If he doesn't have any more control than that, he needs to stay out of the public's eye. I understand all celebrities getting fed up with the paps, they are ridiculous, but just keep walking, get in your car and go. You wanted the fame, you got what goes with it especially with who you chose to be with.

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