Good Luck Charlie - Susan & Cheryl

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Good Luck Charlie introduces Disney's first ever gay couple, Susan & Cheryl, in this clip.

Disappointing. Disney is shoving it down our throats too now. SMH.

@ Sasha

I understand people's choice to be homosexual but why confuse such a young innocent audience. Ross world is going from bad to worse

@ ni

Confuse such a young innocent audience?? What?? My niece is three and she has never been spoken to about homosexual couples saw the episode and said "Taylor has two mommies? That's cool!" she wasn't confused, its not a confusing subject. Neither were my ten year old niece, my ten year old nephew or my three year old nephew. They think it is very cool that people love who they love. What's not cool is your homophobic views. Also, wow I wish homosexuals knew it was a choice to be who they are cause since its a choice, they can flip a switch back to be heterosexual and avoid being judged, avoid being discriminated against, and avoid homophobes.

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