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Brooks Ayers, the boyfriend of Vicki Gunvalson, has been caught on a secret audio recording calling her a "f*cking whore" and threatening to "beat her ass."

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OMG...she is the biggest lying hypocrite on the face of this earth. She can get on everyone else and start her crap, like throwing Gretchen under the bus so many times, but she is soooo freakin innocent...NOT! Her marriage to Don ended becuz she is simply a Bitch, and he had enough of her bullshit. Her problem is that she can dish it out, but she can't take it.


I think Vicki is just looking for love. Briana needs to keep an eye on her husband because he comes across as very aggresive Brooks doesnt

@ julie

Exactly right! I was thinking the same thing. Like how when anyone dishes some dirt on her, everyone of them is a liar, but when she does it, it's all true. She gets so pissed and red in the face, not a good look for her, not that there is a good look for her. And she's much stupider than you would think, being a successful business woman. So why is she conned by Brooks? He's a disgusting as she is so maybe they're meant for each other.... Oh- and I get so grossed out when she talks about her "love tank"-. Ewwwwww! lol


I have never seen grown women behave so disgusting to eachh other I wont say childish because that would be insulting to children they are the pits


and Alex is lovely am happy she and vicki are friend they bout have good hearth and alex take christian serous that wonderful


what guys taking about vicki like that she a beautiful woman hard working and love her


Two guys talking trash. I've heard guys talk this crap with each other who are nothing but gentleman with women. Not saying Brooks is, but people really love to take comments literal when some is just hyperbole

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