Kim Mathers is the doubly divorced ex-wife of Eminem. She appears to have a drug problem.

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Eminem and his ex-wife, Kim Mathers, have recently reconciled and may even get back together in the romantic sense, a surprising new report says.

It's just Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams style wishful thinking, either. Kim's mom, Kathy, recently spoke about the couple's close relationship.

Eminem and Kim Mathers

Kim Mathers' mom says the two see each other "all the time" and "get along better than ever," and he's currently building her a new home in Macomb, Mich.

“She has been clean all these years, she just takes care of her family. She’s doing very well," Kathy said. "I think they might get back together soon.”

Eminem, 41, and Kim Scott met as teenagers. They got married in 1999, divorced in 2001, married again in 2006 and got divorced the same year.

Their tumultuous relationship was marred by allegations of violence, drug use and infidelity, as his fans know via songs like 2000's rage-filled "Kim."

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From Britney and Kevin to the Tommy Lee-Kid Rock fight to that crazy lesbian Anne Heche, the spectacle of a public, bitter celebrity divorces sure is certainly one to behold. Here's The Hollywood Gossip's field guide to some of the major celebrities whose nuptials have unraveled before our eyes.


Britney Spears, Family

He says: Not a lot. Because he has a good lawyer, and she says it all for him by parading around Hollywood clubs in no pants.
She says: He's "the biggest mistake she ever made" (and a stoner with no income).
Custody (of the kids): Currently 50-50, though FedEx is seeking a higher ratio of time with Sean and Jayden. Britney Spears' antics make that a distinct possibility.
Custody (of the fans): Kevin, we think. But only by attrition.


He says: She's got "personality issues," possibly code for "she used to be a high-priced call girl who serviced Arab arms dealers.
She says: The Beatles legend used to slap her around a little.
Custody (of the kids): Amicably shared, of daughter Beatrice.
Custody (of the fans): Paul by a wide margin across the Atlantic, but Mills won millions of fans stateside with her turn on Dancing with the Stars. A one-legged former hooker and "instructional sex tape" star, what's not to love?


He says: Anne Heche a frickin' nut!
She says: Coley Laffoon is a deadbeat who is addicted to porn, strippers and poker, as well as downloading sexual photos online.
Custody (of the kids): Bitterly contested, but split evenly, of son Homer.
Custody (of the fans): We gotta side with Laffoon, if only because he has no money and Heche had an affair with the equally-married James Tupper.


He says: "I'd rather have a baby through my penis than get married again," Eminem said in 2002, after getting a divorce from Kim, who he was married to from 1999-2001. Note: He got married again. To Kim. In 2006. That's over too.
She says: His penis is small, doesn't work.
Custody (of the kids): Changes frequently.
Custody (of the fans): Eminem. Bitch crazy!


Lee (Pamela Anderson's husband for several years) says: Kid Rock is a wuss.
Kid (married to Pamela Anderson for three months in 2006) says: "Tommy Lee said some things that were extremely disrespectful to me."
Custody (of the kids): Tommy and Pam share custody of theirs 50-50. Thank goodness Kid Rock and Anderson did not procreate.
Custody (of the fans): Kid... but talk about a Rock and a head case!


He says: Kim is a manipulative liar who dedicates most of her live to making him miserable and not allowing him to see daughter Ireland.
She says: Alec and Saddam Hussein are pretty similar.
Custody (of the kids): Almost all Kim, especially after Alec infamously tore Ireland a new one on that gotta-hear-it-to-believe it voicemail.
Custody (of the fans): Alec Baldwin. Sure, he's got some personal issues. But watch this guy on 30 Rock and you just can't stay mad.

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Now this is breaking news.

Rapper Eminem and his ex-wife, Kim Mathers, have agreed not to trash each other in public... for the sake of their daughter.

Slim Shady Security

The couple came to the decision during a court hearing in their native Michigan after Eminem (a.k.a. Marshall Mathers) filed a motion Friday to slience Kim.

This came after she'd made numerous salacious comments about the rap star. Kim had told one TV interviewer that she'd been driven so far as to attempt suicide by Eminem.

Also recently, she told a radio station that he was unfaithful and uncaring during their time together, not to mention sexually "unathletic."

No word on whether this agreement includes the Internets, barring a potential Shanna Moakler-Travis Barker or Jenna Jameson-Jay Grdina MySpace feud.

The two got divorced late last year. It wasn't the first time.

After they split, Eminem probably gave the real slim shady to Mariah Carey, if you know what we mean. And if you know what we mean, let us know, will you? We're not sure.

In regards to his decision to stop talking about Kim and vice versa, Eminem didn't appear in court, but his lawyer said: "We're happy the court was able to bring this matter to a just and equitable resolution."

Hopefully, Britney and K-Fed continue getting along and find away to do the same... if only for the sake of Jayden James Federline.

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Anna Nicole Smith is dead.

But how close was Kim Mathers to joining her in the great beyond?

36 and Still Going

The ex-wife (twice over) of Eminem says the abuse he caused her in life and in his lyrics pushed her to try and take her own life.

Mathers tells Dr. Keith Ablow in an episode of his talk show airing Friday that the final straw came when she saw Eminem (real name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III) onstage beating a blow-up doll that resembled her while singing a song about her.

"Seeing the crowd's response and everybody cheering, singing the words and laughing and it just felt like everyone was staring at me," she says. "I knew that it was about me and that night I went home and I tried to commit suicide."

Wow. And Eminem thought his problems with Mariah Carey were serious.

The rapper and the former Kim Scott were married twice, from 1999 to 2001 and again for less than three months last year. They have a daughter, Hailie Jade, 11, and also adopted Mathers's niece, Alaina, 13.

Mathers tells Ablow that she married Eminem the first time to keep him "faithful and grounded" when he went on tour" but it didn't work. The artist still was as cocky as Jayden James Federline is mysterious.

"When Marshall's first tour started is when his ego just went 'poof,' " she says. "Like he was God, that's what he thought. ... I was just told that I should be grateful that he still talks to me, you know how many women throw themselves at him. And I just pretty much felt like a piece of crap."

Mathers is still with us, however. It's hard to know how Eminem will react to this revelation - but at least he has 50 Cent to offer him heartfelt advice on the matter.

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