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Audio experts differ on whether shouts for help on 911 calls are those of defendant George Zimmerman or of his shooting victim, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

One New Jersey-based expert said the screams came from Martin, while a Florida-based audio expert said the shouts were a mix of Martin and Zimmerman.

  • Zimmerman in Court
  • Trayvon Martin, 17

Attorneys prosecuting Zimmerman on a charge of second-degree murder hired the audio experts to compare samples of Zimmerman's and Martin's voices.

Shouts can be heard on the 911 calls phoned in by neighbors.

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Robert Zimmerman Jr., the brother of Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman, says he's sorry for a series of racist Tweets about his brother's case.

"I made a mistake," Robert Zimmerman Jr. said during an appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Live. "It unfortunately may not have helped George."

That's putting it mildly.

Robert Zimmerman Jr.

George Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for killing Martin, who was 17, in an altercation in a residential neighborhood in Sanford, Florida.

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George Zimmerman's attorneys stunned court observers Tuesday when they waived their client's right to a "Stand Your Ground" pretrial hearing.

That hearing, scheduled for April, could have led to a dismissal of the charges in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012.

Zimmerman Waives Hearing

Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch captain in his Sanford, Fla., subdivision, shot and killed the teen, who was visiting a house in the area.

He claimed self-defense but faces second-degree murder charges. The move allows the defense more time to prepare for the trial this summer. 

It also raises the stakes for the defendant.

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George Zimmerman needs money to pay for his legal defense and wants to delay his trial because he says prosecutors have been slow to turn over evidence.

Attorneys for the ex-neighborhood watch volunteer charged with shooting Trayvon Martin to death on Wednesday asked for more time to prepare his case.


At the same time, his lead attorney, Mark O'Mara, renewed his request for donations to Zimmerman's legal defense, which he said could cost up to $1 million.

"The state has virtually unlimited resources to prosecute George," he said, whereas George "relies on the generosity of individuals who believe he is innocent."

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A security company is suing George Zimmerman for a major chunk of the bill it says it charged to keep him safe in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting.

It cost roughly $67,000 to protect Zimmerman after his release from jail this summer, due to angry mobs and vigilante killers, and he hasn't paid up in full.

Zimmerman in Court

At least according to Associated Investigative Services, who filed the lawsuit against Zimmerman and his attorneys, who the company says did the hiring.

Associated claims it was hired for security "in anticipation of Mr. Zimmerman's release from incarceration while he was awaiting trial on felony criminal charges."

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George Zimmerman has filed a lawsuit against NBC over the way the network edited and played a 911 call following the shooting of Trayvon Martin in February.

Zimmerman claims NBC made him look like a "hostile racist."

NBC launched an internal investigation over the Trayvon Martin 911 call after it aired the recording, which featured Zimmerman quotes outside of their original context.

The tape played on the air made it sound like Zimmerman immediately told police that Martin, who he says he shot in self-defense, was black, without being prompted.

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George Zimmerman's autograph is being sold to fund his defense in the high-profile Trayvon Martin murder case ... just in case you thought you'd heard everything.

  • George Zimmerman Autograph
  • George Zimmerman MySpace Photo

Yes, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin is sending personally signed thank-you cards to anyone who donates money to his legal defense fund.

Each card will be individually signed by George, the identity of all donors will be kept confidential, and the envelope of the cards will not bear his name.

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George Zimmerman's DNA and his alone was found on the gun that killed Trayvon Martin in February, according to DNA test results released by officials Wednesday.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement found Zimmerman’s DNA was on the gun but not Martin's; it is undetermined whether Martin's DNA was on the holster.

George Zimmerman has acknowledged shooting Trayvon Martin, but has maintained that he acted in self-defense in the wake of a confrontation that left him injured.

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  • Trayvon Martin, Hoodie

The DNA tests could play a role in the trial, allowing the prosecution to argue against self-defense since it now seems that Martin never even touched the weapon.

The defense could argue that Zimmerman shot before Martin could grab the gun.

The test results were the latest discovery material released by officials in the murder case, which has become a national flashpoint in race relations and gun laws.

Zimmerman, 28, is free on bail awaiting trial on charges of second-degree murder in the killing of Martin, an unarmed African American teenager, in Sanford, Fla.

Zimmerman was not arrested the night of the shooting in the gated community. After weeks of protests about that fact, a special prosecutor charged Zimmerman.

Officials cited missed opportunities by the defendant to diffuse the situation with Martin in charging him with murder; he has apologized to Martin's family twice.

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Trayvon Martin murder suspect George Zimmerman is nearly broke, his lawyer said on Monday, and plans to ask the public to pay for his defense.

"He really has to live as a hermit, unfortunately," said Mark O'Mara of his client, who is awaiting trial. "He's not doing well. He's getting by."

His legal-defense fund, which once hovered around $210,000, is down to $50,000, with $20,000 in outstanding bills and no money coming in.

  • George Zimmerman Mugshot
  • Trayvon Martin, Hoodie

George and his wife, Shellie Zimmerman, are out of work, living in hiding in Seminole County, and spending a ton deal of money on security.

"Seminole County is unquestionably the most dangerous county, most expensive county for him to be in," O'Mara told the media this week.

He intends to ask the court to declare George Zimmerman indigent, which would mean that he needs the public to pay for his legal expenses.

Zimmerman, again is free on bail, also will ask a judge to let him leave the county. "I want him safe. If he's out of state, so be it," O'Mara said.

The request to be declared indigent will be awkward, given that he was raking in money this year - and had his bail revoked for not disclosing it.

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George Zimmerman appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity last night and issued an apology to the parents of Trayvon Martin.

But the murder suspect also told his interviewer that he doesn't have any regrets over the February incident, saying he wouldn't change much at all regarding his actions on that fateful day - not leaving his car, not owning a gun - and that the shooting of Martin was "all God's plan."

As you can imagine, such a description has riled up Martin's family.

"We must worship a different God," Trayvon's mother, Tracy, told CBS News. "There is no way that my God would have wanted George Zimmerman to kill my teenage son."

Zimmerman will soon go on trial for second degree murder and faces life in prison.

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