Kate Gosselin sucks as a mother. Does anyone think she has the well-being of her kids in mind?

Here are some pictures of her.


She has to raise eight kids on her own, what's she supposed to do?


she looks soooooo old and ugly,she only seems to care about her self and not the kids,Jon should have them and she needs to get a life and get over her self,we dont watch the show,because of her,now if it was Jon then we would,she seems sooooo cold heart big time,all about her,really sad,hope the kids dont turn out like her,what did Jon ever see in her???


Jon Gosselin you need to take your children away from her before she destroys their lives, I watched about the first 2 episodes of the show and was revolted at the way she treated Jon (like he was a piece of crap) was so happy when he left her. Those kids need a real parent not someone that is going to use them to gain more for themselves, was so glad and proud of the two oldest ones for standing up and not lying on TV to try and make her look good. What she does to them should be considered neglect!!!!! or even child abuse!!!


Every one puts Jon down.Go back and watch the first shows and see how she treats him.Also look at how she looked then and how she looks now.
Then "no butt",now see what's there.Then " no boobs" now what do you see?She wouldn't stop looking at furniture long enough to take care of her constipated son.She made Jon do it She barked at him like he was a dog when he didn't do her every wish.He's no saint,but I will take him over her.


She should jump off the Golden Gate bridge before they install the suicide railings and netting.....


The captions for each of the photos read as if they were written by a hateful, jealous, snarky eleven year old.


Oh please! She is a fame whore from the word go! She decided to have the children and wants everyone else to support them. She has shown herself to be mean and a liar! Jon's no peach either, but would you want to be married to her?!!

@ kd

She "decided to have the children"? As opposed to aborting them? Some people don't believe killing your kids is an option. You try and raise eight kids by yourself and let's see how much you change.

@ Erik Baran

That would make sense, if she accidentally got pregnant, but both pregnancies were helped along by doctors therefor she DECIDED to get pregnant and has nothing to do with killing kids.

@ Jessie

I doubt they were expecting to get six the second time around. Regardless, she has eight kids to raise, and since it costs approximately $250,000 each......do the math. Plus, needing a home large enough for all of them and paying for the help, she needs lots of cash. She's doing everything in her power so other people DON'T have to support them.

Rita dvorak weber

Okay, we get it - the writer of the book hates Kate. Grow up. Most of the "facts" you claim are the sort to be found on the cover of National Enquirer - only idiots will believe them. Pretty disgusting to me that you are now trying to make money off of this family. (Is this Jon using a pen name?).


I think these people who write this crap should sit down and shit up. She is doing a great job raising these 8 children on her own, no help from Jon financially. Where is the article about Terrible dad Jon? After all wasn't he the one who had an affair and ran around like an idiot? Kate is great mom her children are well behaved and have learned how to get along with each other. I like Kate. Miss the show.

@ Karen

I'm so happy to hear comments like this. I've always been a big advocate for her. I hate how people are so mean to her!


What appears to me from reading many material about her, not just one sided crap, is she is trying to stay creative in having an size able income to support her eight children, without being on welfare. For that, I have a great deal of respect for her, miss the show, and I am not one chosen from God to point fingers, and what I think Kate should, and or should not be doing in raising 8 children on her own.

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