Kylie Jenner is only 16 years old. Keep that in mind as you look at these pictures.

Kylie Jenner Cleavage Pic
Kylie Jenner squats and shows off her cleavage in this photo. NOTE: She is 16 years old.
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those photo are horrible. She looks trashy just like her sister Kim and mother. Bruce should have step in long ago to prevent her from being pimped out and looking trashy.


15 with fake T*TS ? look at pic #9..then this pic...where did these come from? Rodeo Drive?


If they're inappropriate for a 16 year old, why would you post them all here in once nice little spot for everyone to see? This article needs to be deleted, you're pretty much asking for pedophiles to look here and that's endangering a minor.


She doesn't resemble someone who's 16 and if she really is how is it she's stacked like a woman in her mid-twenties? If any grown man tells you he doesn't find those pictures attractive hes well lying. She's well developed shall we say. I also find it humorous the author claims they're inappropriate, but not only took the time to search for the most revealing pics, but assemble them in an all-out presentation slideshow. I noticed Kids are getting taller and hitting puberty at much younger ages. Maybe it's something in the food?


I love her




Most models are 16-20 years old. You guys aren't freaking out about THEM. It's just because her family is famous that you guys are--these are the types of photoshoots that models do. Guys. Tyra Banks was 16 when she contracted. Calm down, move on.


Rob makes one mistake and everyone blows it way up she pimps herself out enough he made a mistake damn get over it everyone!


Honestly, there are other teenage girls doing the same thing or maybe,even worse. This is only making her more popular and that's the idea,basically. Let her be. Some of these pictures weren't all that "disturbing", but what was really disgusting was the effort put in this blog to bring down the self esteem of a 16-year-old. Why do we care so much what she's doing? I bet if it were a guy, the title would have been "These Hot Photos of ____ " and its the same thing, the hope that one day that guy is going to be grown up and seen as this "hot" icon. Let her be that hot icon. Another thing that bothered me was that, why was it bad that she was in bed with Jaden Smith but not a bad thing that he was in bed with her? He's a lot older than she is, why not get all worked up about him? Why are we not being assholes,like we are being with her to him? I just feel its crazy how we're pointing fingers here at a 16-year-old by adults that should know better about cyber bulling, because that's what you all are right now. Bullies.


ok so here's an idea....don't report or repost and lessen the audience for the pictures