Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus
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Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are seen here on the set of The Last Song, making out. Sources say these two became VERY close on set.

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omg miley you kiss all of your boyfriends if you want a really relationship stop having ''sex'' and putting nude pictures of your self up thats why i dont look up to you any more and your cell phone photos were leaked your disgusting..also adrienne bailon i use to love cheetah girls..and raven i did to until i found you were preggo! whats wrong with hollywood and you want a boob job miley? yeah right! if billy was a good father and your mother was to they would say no..i bet you parents barely know who your boyfriend is half the just ask boys they name they say dont worry about it and you just start making out with them...seriously miley what happend!


miley u both r looking very good with each other. he is very lucky because he got a girlfriend like miley cyrus From
medha miley's biggest fan


Hay Miley,It me youre 1 FAN.We dont care if you dont have a boyfriend or have one youer just fans its youre life. BYE


She's been looking kinda bloated (*cough HUGE *cough) lately..


He is hott, why wouldn't she kiss him?!