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As genres of entertainment go, reality TV caters to douchebags like no other, which makes the 23 individuals below all the more impressive and loathsome.

Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin is one of the most frequent results if you run a Google image search on "reality TV douchebag." True story.

According to the venerable Urban Dictionary, the term "douchebag" is defined as:

  1. An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intelligence, behaving ridiculously with no sense of how moronic he appears.
  2. An individual with a certain combination of obnoxious characteristics related to their attitude, social ineptitude, public behavior, or outward presentation.
  3. A person with a s--tty personality, [usually] a hair-gelling pretty-boy but who can also be a pompous, overzealous or vexatious asshole most people wish were killed in a Mortal Kombat fatality.
  4. Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and a--hole, yet not f--ker or motherf--ker.
  5. Justin Bieber.

Yeah. Any or all of the above (sans #5) apply to the individuals we've profiled.

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Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy are both coming to Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker ... if the show's mostly ineffectual host, Patti Stanger, has her way.

Bethenny Frankel in Bed

Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker herself, is a believer in second chances at love. One would think, since actual matches on her show are rare.

What she's an even bigger believer in is ratings, and as a result, she's looking to sign up the divorced duo for her upcoming celebrity-only season!

According to a source close to both stars, Frankel's beau has reason to worry:

“Patti is a big fan of Bethenny’s and even though Bethenny currently has a boyfriend, Patti thinks she could tremendously benefit from coming on the show."

“Patti would find the most eligible bachelors, and carefully screen each one.”

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Patti Stanger is facing some backlash this week for comments she made on Bethenny.

The Millionaire Matchmaker sat down with Bethenny Frankel and answered a number of questions from people who believe she's an expert on love and dating for some reason.

One individual asked Stanger if she would ever marry a bisexual man, to which she responded with shock and disgust:

"Uh, never!" Stanger said. "Never. Never. And if they're bisexual, they're gay!"

This issue is actually relevant in Hollywood at the moment because Olympic diver Tom Daley came out as gay last month, but also said he still "fancies girls."

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Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger is probably engaged to David Krause. They are pretty tight lipped about this but all signs point to yes.

They tried to deny it last week on Good Morning America, claiming the rock on her ring finger is a promise ring. However, the reality star hinted:

“But maybe watch the finale, and you’ll see something.”

David Krause, Patti Stanger

For celebrity gossip source, that's the key indicator.

“Of course Patti’s trying to save the news for her show because she wants all the ratings she can get, but they’re absolutely engaged,” a Radar source says.

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Even Patti Stanger realizes she went too far this time.

On Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen Monday night, the horrible Millionaire Matchmaker made some anti-Semitic and anti-gay remarks while offering BRILLIANT "advice" to viewers who called in with questions.

Short story: Jewish men are liars and gay men are sluts.

Patti Stanger Image

Although Stanger is known for being blunt and forward on TV, which is why some people tune in (presumably ... it sure can't be for dating advice, as there are never successful couplings depicted on the show), this was too much.

Hence, she apologized on Twitter:

"Attn male Gays: I support you & my comment on WWHL was to a LA guy who can't find commitment. So sorry. Didn't mean to offend anyone. Love you all. X0"

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To think, we reported on how much Patti Stanger sucks earlier this morning before we even saw this interview clip, which is offensive on multiple levels:

  1. For her absurd, rampantly homophobic comments
  2. For the fact that this idiot is even quasi-famous

Appearing on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night, she told a gay caller that monogamy is mostly for the straights. Seriously:

It got WORSE from there, leaving Cohen practically speechless.

Stanger told another gay male caller that she mistook him for being straight, and that this is a compliment, because, hey, "nobody wants a queen." Cringe.

She then proceeded to give advice on blow jobs and imply that Cohen himself is not in a relationship with now because he is gay and also has a good career.

Cue the press release from GLAAD in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...

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We know Bravo fans are intense, but what we didn't know was how hard many of them are turning hardcore on the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger.

When it comes to the Housewives, there are often camps. You're on Team Bethenny or Team Jill. You're a Camille Grammer hater or a Camille sympathizer.

Okay, bad example. The point here is that peeps apparently hate Patti, and there are decreasing numbers of people on the side of the reality star each week.

Patti Stanger Picture

The Millionaire Matchmaker: Bad at matchmaking, casting millionaires.

Among the main beefs with Patti Stanger, or her show, is that its premise is so ridiculous as to be offensive to reality TV fans. Yes, we're being serious.

Stanger has not found love for herself, nor is she casting actual millionaires these days. Not a single successful relationship has been depicted on the show.

She is a hot mess and her staff? Well, no comment necessary. During her most recent episode, no fewer than 73 Tweets called for her firing immediately.

No clue if Justin Theroux is one of those Tweeters.

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Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux are going strong.

Most people are happy for America's Sweetheart and her fast-track romance, but the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger is not most people.

Nor is Patti Stanger one to mince words about Theroux, as we know.

Watch out, Jen, because “something’s not right there,” she says.

Patti Stanger spoke to Radar about Jen’s new relationship and while she says Justin may be good for Jen, they should put the brakes on.

Patti Stanger Picture

“I kind of like him, but here’s my problem - he was with the last girl for 15-16 years and one day in walks the girl of his dreams and he just says bye, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya! There’s a karmic payback for that."

“He’s handsome and he likes her and she likes him, they’ve got good body language, so it’s a matter of what really went down that he jumped ship from this girl he lived with for 16 years, something’s not right there.”

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Jennifer Aniston's relationship with Justin Theroux is generating a lot of attention. The Millionaire Matchmaker, Patii Stanger, is the latest to chime in.

Not in the most glowing fashion, either.

"I like him for her. I think he’s a good fit for her," she told TooFab of Aniston's new man, but she has concerns over the whole Heidi Bivens situation.

"How you get a guy is how you lose a guy," she said, referring to Theroux's 14-year relationship with his ex, and Jen allegedly pulling an Angelina.

  • Patti Stanger Picture
  • Loneliness

"He was like, 'Bye! You were my training wheels. Now I'm going off to get my real Schwinn.' I mean what IS that? She's not a great picker, really."

"She had John Mayer. C'mon, let's be serious."

Hard to argue with her regarding that douche.

As for reports of Aniston and Theroux moving in together, the Bravo star says, "That's too soon. That's way too 'I wanna marry you' creepy."

"And she needs to think long and hard about that. She makes way more money, there better be a pre-nup. He needs to court her first."


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Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger knows what it takes for relationships to thrive. Well, she actually hasn't had much luck there, but she does have a show about that topic, so good enough. Besides, anyone would tell Kim Kardashian this:

Stay away from that douchebag John Mayer!

Seriously, that is how she termed him. "No way! He's a douchebag," she told Us when contemplating single Kim dating the self-important rocker.

Kim n John

Patti's not a fan of this koupling. It's hard to imagine anyone is.

"She'd chew him up, spit him out and chew him up again," Stanger adds of K-squared, who was seen getting cozy with Mayer earlier in the week.

Mayer famously called Jessica Simpson "sexual napalm" in a shocking Playboy interview. "Kim's a class act," Parri says. "I'd never put her with him."

"I'd like to see Kim go A-list. So I'd like to get an A-list actor who likes a brunette hottie. Someone strong who will allow her to build her empire."

Someone like ... Kanye West, perhaps?

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