Knockout Game Attack on Pregnant Woman Leads to Arrest in Brooklyn [VIDEO]

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A Brooklyn woman who is six months pregnant fell victim to a senseless, brutal assault that police labeled as a “knockout game” attack on Thursday.

The disturbing and violent assault on Jannatul Ferdous, 34, was caught on video published by the New York Post (below) and the perpetrator was arrested.

Willie Stephens, 33, has been charged with assault.

Ferdous was walking with her sister in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood when a single blow knocked her onto the street and out cold.

The video captures Stephens walking swiftly toward the women, decking Ferdous in what appears to be her face and walking away while barely missing a step.

Neither Ferdous nor her baby were seriously injured in the attack, fortunately and luckily. Her sister called police and gave them Stephens’ description.

He was captured shortly thereafter.

Police say it was likely a "knockout game" hit; the goal is to knock an unsuspecting target out with one blow. Several people have died during such attacks.

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Glad to hear this. Now throw the book at the idiot!!!
Prayers for the mother and child, a child that no one will REALLY know for a certainty might or might not have been affected until it is born, and lives for a while.


Quit feeding it by calling it what the criminals want you to call it. It's aggravated assault, not a game.