Grandmother Posts Facebook Photos of Duct-Taped Baby, Receives Police Visit

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A grandmother is Columbus, Ohio has hopefully learned a valuable lesson about humor.

Earlier this month, Jackie Sheaks posted one photo of her baby granddaughter on Facebook with duct tape over her mouth and another photo of the child lying in a roasting pan.

She says she meant the images to be a "joke," but users didn't exactly laugh.

And neither did Child Protective Services or the local sheriff, who dropped by for a visit and questioned Jackie's abilities to supervise a child.

Duct-Taped Baby
Roasting a Baby?

“We would never harm our children,” Sheaks told a local station after hearing from authorities, adding:

“It’s definitely taught me a lesson: what we think is funny, other people don't... it will never happen again."

Seriously. Just when we thought it couldn't get worse than tying a baby to your wedding gown and dragging it down the aisle.

Add this to the many reasons why grandparents should get off social media... 


Ok, first of all, you blind idiots, she didn't put tape over the baby's mouth, she taped the sides of the pacifier to the babies face making the baby resemble Hannibal Lecture from Silence of the Lambs. Not the best choice of materials to use, but the baby hardly looks in distress. As for the roasting pan, didn't any of you watch Austin Powers 2? "Baby! The other other white meat!!" The baby is in no more danger than if it were being held, and since the picture is OBVIOUSLY staged for humor, i doubt the baby was affected by either pose for more than a minute. If the next thing we hear about the baby is that it was killed by the grandmother, it won't be funny at all, but it won't be any less or more tragic had these pics never been seen. Quit getting all up in peoples business and judging them for doing things you disapprove of. If you disagree, fine, disagree, delete them from your Facebook, whatever you need to do to remove them from your life, but this constant "holier than thou" judgmental attitude is what is ruining the fabric of this country. 10, 15, 20 years ago people minded their own business, tended to their families and let the neighbors take care of their families. Today, you all wanna tell everyone else what they can or can't do in their bedrooms, what kind of pictures they can or can't post on their own Facebook, what food they can eat, who they can marry, but as soon as someone else shows up telling you what to do, or who to marry or how to raise your children or what kinda pics to take of your grandchild, lets see how quickly you are to bow down and acquiesce. It was a joke by a woman who for all intents and purposes loves her grandchild and wanted to show some humorous staged shots of her grandchild, instead of bashing or judging her for what may or may not have been the best use of materials or subject matter for the pics, why not be thankful that baby has a grandmother (and what appears to be a family) that loves him and spends time with him, something far to few families bother to do these days....


And we wonder why so many kids are so twisted nowadays. They're being raised by twisted adults.


How can that even be considered funny -.- you are putting that child through child endangerment and abuse considering that you put duct tape over her mouth. How do you plan on ripping it off without the child screaming in pain? She doesn't even understand the level of what she did wrong. I bet if she were charged with abuse and endangerment she'd wake up and understand. Especially if the child were taken from her. But it goes to question where were the parents of that baby? Also if they knew she wasn't capable of watching the child(which obviously she isn't) then why did they even begin to leave her with the grandmother?


What if the baby suffocated from the binky pressing against it's nose and can't get it out of the mouth cuz it's stuck there. And then the roasting pan? Seriously! It's not funny at all and that grandmother needs to grow up. She's supposed to be leading by example. How funny will it be when you next hear about this baby dying. Not funny AT ALL!!!!!

@ Jenn

What if, what if.......


the revival of the electric chair as humor?


I get both sides of this, she was just playing around with her own humor, but then again, you never know. It's always good to err on the side of caution

@ Renshaw

my issue is how bad it would hurt that babys skin to rip off that duct tape...... its new baby skin I cant imagine that feels good................

@ brooke

Yeah that's true

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