Megan Fox: No Makeup, Absolutely No Problem!

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Megan Fox: has joined Instagram.

And the gorgeous actress has instantly made an impression on the social media site.

Fox, who will next be seen in a live-action version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, posted a no makeup selfie online yesterday, including with it a caption that reads:

"First IG selfie. Early morning no makeup."

Megan Fox Without Makeup

Back in January 2013, a week after joining, Fox quit Twitter.

She wrote at the time that she hoped to turn into a "social media butterfly," but then realizes she "still hates" it.

So we'll see how long the private actress lasts on Instagram.

Perhaps she'll realize that she doesn't have to say a word on it. She can just post numerous Megan Fox photos via Instagram and everyone will be very, very happy.

Lorde Without Makeup
Lorde isn't just wearing no makeup in this Twit pic. She's wearing pimple cream!

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LOL I meant eyelashes, obviously!


I have naturally long eyebrows and I get asked if I'm wearing mascara all the time, I recon she's just in the same boat as me. She looks pretty much makeup free.


there is, not much though.
give her eye lashes a close look.


She is a beautiful woman, but I don't believe she is 100% make up free - those eye lashes have mascara...