College Student Accidentally Sends Nude Photo to Dad: OOPS!

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Turns out, mothers aren't the only ones who can fail at text messaging.

Twitter user @dearfashionn made the most grave of online mistakes this month, attempting to send a sexy naked photo of herself to her boyfriend… but instead directing the lewd selfie to her father. OOPS!

Similar to these inappropriate exchanges, the conversation between father and daughter escalated very quickly - but not in a good way.

Scroll through the following texts to see how this man responded to his worst nightmare and take note, women around the world:

Don't ever took up with someone whose name is near your parents in your phone contacts. That's just a rookie mistake right there.

Naked Photo Fail!
This daughter sent a naked selfie to the wrong person: her father!

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Oops!! Omg... This girl sent a nude picture by accident to her dad. So what!! That don't make her a bad person or whore as you people say. Get real... It's an accident. I send my husband pictures. Does that make me bad... NO!! It's something he likes and there is nothing wrong with it. I'm sure it was probably meant for her boyfriend and she accidentally sent it to her dad then couldn't delete it in time.


SO FUNNY! I guess daddy's little girl is a whore who thinks she looks hot! AND THIS is the kind of thing that makes me NOT LIKE "college girls". My husband takes care of rental properties, and all his employer rents to is college kids. I can't tell you how many times during the night my husband USE to get calls from these drunk little girls wanting to bang somebody! AND THEY KNOW HE'S MARRIED! The operative word was "USE" to, cause after a few months of that trifling, whore behavior I went online and put restrictions on my husbands phones, so NOW he can't get ANY CALLS from 10:30 pm til 6 am. No wonder my husband's EMPLOYERS WIFE wanted to put MY HUSBANDS number on the darn leases, cause that $HIT is irritating to say the least, but it was always fun for ME when they WOULD call at 3 am for someone to come plunge their toilet, AND THEY'D GET ME - and don't think I didn't berate them as much as I could, after all what kind of IDIOT can't plunge a darn toilet? And at Christmas time, I BOUGHT EVERY SINGLE TENANT their very own plunger, with a little note attached saying, "DO IT YOURSELF, BUT DON'T CALL MY HOUSE AT 3 AM AND THINK FOR ONE SECOND ANYBODY IS GONNA GET UP AND COME DO IT FOR YOU!" I CAN'T STAND COLLEGE GIRLS, or at least the whore ones anyway. They ALL have this, "look at me" attitude. They want EVERY MAN within 100 mile radius to "check them out"! I'm gonna be checking em out alright - as in KO - OUT! Somebody has to teach em to STOP ACTING LIKE WHORES in heat!

@ Robin

First of all not college girls as you call them are the same. Someone sounds a little jealous. Maybe your husband should find a new job. And maybe you didn't go to college that's why you hate. Like I said not all college girls are that way. Go get an education !! You sound immature. Your going to knock them out? Lol... How about be a real mature adult and have your husband look for a new job.