Boyfriend Fakes Possible Plane Crash, Proposes Instead

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If the Internet has taught us anything, it's that the Kim Kardashian sex tape continues to sell.

Also: that men have nearly exhausted the romantic, surprising ways in which to propose.

We mean... this person faked a fire drill. This dudes faked his own death! What is there left for a boyfriend to do?

Fake a plane crash, apparently, which is what the guy at the center of the following video actually did to his petrified girlfriend.

How did she react? How did he pull off this stunt? Watch, find out and try to decide: Sweet... or utterly insane?

NOTE: We know this video is from 2012. But love is timeless, right?

Here's a look at many other AWWW-inspiring marriage proposals:

Man Falls Off Building, Proposes
This man is willing to die for love. Sort of. Watch his unparalleled proposal now.

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