9 Athletes Who Make Less Money Than Their Wives or Girlfriends

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One of the perks of being a pro athlete? The paycheck. At least, to those of us who don't play professional sports, making $5 million a year to play football seems like a pretty okay gig.

Another perk of that job? The athletes would probably say it's the hot wives and girlfriends.

Until they find out that their wives and girlfriends make more money than they do. 

But some guys, like Hank Baskett and Gerard Pique don't seem to care that their wives are bringing home the bacon. They're all... enlightened or something.

(Or they just like the money and don't care who makes it. That's probably it.)

Here are 9 athletes who make LESS money than their wives or girlfriends:

Lara jon

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Gerard Pique as a footballer has an estimated net worth of $245 million more than Shakira.He was even famous before he met Shakira.Just because football(soccer in USA) is not popular in the USA should not stop you to do some research.

@ Guest

Your wrong, she makes more then him.... he has a 245 million net worth... that is all his cash... Shakira got paid 300 million for a ten year contract in 2008 from live nation.... and that just from her music.... she has clothing, purfume and other ventures that use her name.... and then there is her non-profit that has severl hundred million in their coffers... do some research or just don't be an idiot...lol

@ Guest

You must be a Barca fan... Go cry w/Mesi.... Viva Mi Madrisita Santa!!!! CR7

@ Tony

wtf are you even talking about? quit being a fucking troll. he only said that pique has a higher estimated worth value

@ shorty

Pique is not actually worth 245 million dollars, that internet stat is a bogus website. He is worth nowhere near that... and this is a stupid article Lamar Odom is worth more than Khloe Kardashian but obviously not the whole family


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