NeNe Leakes: Leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

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As expected, The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion melee Sunday night left the futures of both Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore up in the air.

Might another housewife also be reconsidering her future on the hit show?

NeNe Leakes, who is currently competing on Dancing With the Stars, stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show Wednesday, and said she's contemplating it.

When asked by the host if she ever thinks about not coming back, she admitted, "I usually think that every season. I do! But then I end up coming back!"

While NeNe Leakes said the Housewives can be "very negative and very draining," she acknowledged that her time on Bravo has opened many doors.

"Every season, I think, 'Oh my God, this is driving me insane!' Because here's the thing: For me, It's like a blessing and a curse," Leakes mused.

"It has definitely opened up so many doors and opportunities for me. I have been able to do some of everything just from being on this platform."

"It can be very negative and very draining. But, it can put a lot of money in my pocket. Not just the show, I'm saying, other things come to you."

One topic NeNe does not have mixed emotions on? Kenya Moore, who filed battery charges against Porsha Williams after their shocking fight.

When Arsenio argued that Kenya is both a "blessing and a curse" because she brings the drama as well as ratings, NeNe was not offering any praise.

"Please honey, we had eyeballs before Kenya came around! It's the truth, we did," she said. "We've always been the No. 1 show in the franchise."

NeNe was quick to slam Kenya after the reunion scuffle, saying Moore did as much wrong in provoking Porsha Williams as the latter did in attacking her.

Insiders say it's "highly doubtful" that both Kenya and Porsha will both return next season, but added that producers had yet to make any decisions.

You can watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online to catch up on the series with TV Fanatic. Now here's the fight that has EVERYONE talking ...


Kenya needs to stay on the show. Everyone talking about Porsha going through alot of stuff. Kenya went through facing the fact she could have had breast cancer and needed a biopsy in 2013. Porsha made the choice to get married and be a trophy wife so how is she a victim and gone through so much with a man. Porsha has no room to talk or claim to be a victim because she made fun of Kenya's "boyfriend". Remember Kenya's friend could be a married man or does not care for being filmed on the episode. Kenya has a history of show business. I just wish several of the housewives would stand up to NeNe and speak their minds. Forget all of this kissing and making up that's not reality!


Porsha should be ashame of her unprofessional behavior, granddaughter of Hosa Williams. She needs to get a life and a education. So sad... Kenya is way to beautiful , smart and professional to be seen on that trash show. Andy has made a fool out of all those women while going to bank and cashing big checks ... People of color need to wake up and stop allowing those White folks make a Fool out of you . While they sit back and laugh their a-- at your expense...

@ Bri

Kenya? Is that you girl?


Keep Kenya!!!!!!


I hope they keep Kenya, I personally don't like her but she makes the show very entertaining to watch! if she left it would be so boring.
I love Porsha she seems like a very sweet woman, but she's boring, it don't make for good TV. Lets hope they both stay, if not, Porsha to go!


I say they get rid of Kenya..she is an old washed up has-been. She is or never has been a WIFE...she has no business on the show. If they decide they will keep her and not Porsha, Im done and will NOT watched Atlanta Housewives show period.


so the series will go bankrupt?

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