Game of Thrones Actors Who Look COMPLETELY Different In Real Life

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The latest Game of Thrones season 5 trailer has us more psyched than ever for another horrifically violent tour in the Seven Kingdoms.

So we figured what better time to to take a look at some of your favorites from the show's sprawling cast of characters...and find out how amazingly different they look from the actors who play them!

Certainly a good deal of the credit for these transformations goes to the HBO series' costume and make-up departments (Who knew Hodor had facial tattoos?!), but it's a testament to the GOT cast's acting talent that such regular-looking folks are able to believably inhabit characters like shrewd dwarf Tyrion Lannister or turncoat turned torture victim Theon Greyjoy.

Some of these actors reap serious benefits from modern-day garb and hair care products (Ygritte sure cleans up nice!), while others rock the sword-and-tunic look so well it's pretty much impossible to improve upon. We're lookin' at you, Emilia Clarke Daenerys Targaryen!

If the gallery above teaches us anything, it's that an insane amount of thought goes into every detail of the Game of Thrones production design.

Being reminded of all that intricate attention to detail has got us looking forward to season five more than ever.

Of course, if winter is just not coming soon enough for you, you can check out the Game of Thrones behind-the-scenes documentary to hold you over.

And if you simply can't wait for more Westerosi sexy-time, check out our list of Game of Thrones hottest women in the gallery below. Here's hoping for more non-dragon-related hotness from the Khaleesi in season five!

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It's almost painful how beautiful Rose Leslie is, but the picture you guys posted is probably the worst picture of her I've ever seen. For shame.


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i think the cast of game of thrones looks totally diff from their characters. its hard to believe how when celebs get into costume to play their charcter and how diff they look off screen.


i think the cast of game of thrones looks totally diff from their character.its hard to beleive how they look off screen.

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I honestly don't see it. I could easily tell they were the same person.


Tyrion kills Tywin.

@ Alex

Wow. You're a dick.

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