Wade Robson to Michael Jackson Estate: Let's See Names of All the OTHER Molested Kids!

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Wade Robson is not backing off his crusade against the Michael Jackson Estate, demanding to see alleged evidence that the singer molested others.

Wade Robson and Michael Jackson
Wade Robson Photo

The choreographer, who claims he was repeatedly molested by Michael Jackson as a child, wants to take the late pop legend's estate to court over it.

Wade is seeking damages for the trauma and suffering he endured, even though in 2005, he defended MJ adamantly at the star's criminal molestation trial.

Now he's saying that was all the result of brainwashing, however, and wants the Estate to cough up any evidence they have of Michael molesting boys.

Robson, who officially filed a claim with the Estate last year asking for money as a result of allegedly being molested from ages 7-14, is demanding:

  • Names and other identifying information of all boys under 18 when alleged sexual misconduct occurred at the hands of Michael Jackson
  • Any related legal settlements that have not been made public.
  • Any evidence of "seduction" on the part of the singer

The Estate's response is twofold, saying all the information Robson wants is privileged and cannot be divulged, and his entire claim is illegitimate.

Regardless of what happened or what didn't happen - and they deny anything did - Jackson's camp says he waited way too long to file his claim.

Notwithstanding the fact that he's contradicting his own testimony under oath, the statute of limitations long since lapsed, they say, rendering all this moot.

Wade Robson says the delay was only due to the fact that he was so severely messed up mentally by Jackson, who was a monster, and he won't back down.

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WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!! He did not molest any children! These were all warnings by PEOPLE. If he didnt shut his mouth, they were going to kill him! Just think about it. Tgis guy testified at his trial that he never molested him!!!! You know how marlon said at the memorial service, " Maybe they will finall leave him alone" i guess thats a lie. RIP Michael


Of course he was molested ... He should be suing his parents ... who lets thier child have a sleep over with an adult!!!!

Stephanie anne gransch christy

Actually here in Australia and the UK a adult who was molested as a child can take legal action to sue the Adult Molester, years after it has happened. However in this case, he gave court testament, while under oath, that he was never molested by MJ. Jordan Chandler came forward as well and said it never happened. The 2005 molestation case, Michael was found NOT GUILTY on every charge. Wade should have come forward in 09 when the Estate was in probate. I understood that he wanted to be apart of the Immortal World Tour and got rejected. It kinda seems like a hit back at that.

@ Stephanie Anne Gransch Christy

Chandler has never come forward, neither had his father (who also did not leave a suicide note claiming he had lied). That was nothing more than a rumour started by a dedicated fan site and then picked up by Jermaine! As for the trial, there are detailed interviews of several jurors (they are available on YT) regarding their treatment and conclusions. And again, the excuse given on fan sites is they had a book deal if they claimed it. A book that was never written let alone published because, again, the fans made it up to cover up the wrongdoings towards those jurors. They came forward and again, fans attacked. That's why all these wild claims of retractions etc put out by fans are always met with sniggers by the world. Because it's nothing more than frenzied desperation to try and clean up his very tainted image. It's never gonna happen no matter how hard fans attack or threaten.


So if you commit a crime in the States you might have the opportunity of waiting it out until it becomes 'spent'? That alone is a big flaw in US laws then. Not saying anything on this matter, just that it's known that in the cases of abuse/molestation/sex acts against a minor, it could take years and even decades before they realise what was done to them as youngsters, they may not want to ever admit it happened, let alone take action. Some will and can. Some can't so don't. Each person is individual and reacts differently. Regardless of opinions on this case, overall it's wrong that someone claiming to be a victim (of anyone) should have the opportunity of pursuing it once they are mentally strong enough to do so. To expect minors to even understand what is happening is too high a responsibility for many of them and time limits on abuse to minors should never run out. They may not even realise they have been abused until they are older and realise what someone did to them. THEN, they have to face it and decide how to proceed. Some don't just because of this sort of backlash. To slate an alleged victim to save your idol before resolution is so wrong on many levels. Whether it be against Jackson or Joe Bloggs. It's just as sick as the accusation itself.


The words "The choreographer, who claims he was repeatedly molested by Michael Jackson as a child, wants to take the late pop legend's estate to court over it." That says it all...he is taking the legend's state to court...why?? Because this idiot wants a piece of the fortune from others because he is broke! Get a job you shit!


Why only now he came out to confess when the person already dead for long??? Just give it a rest, coz you don't gain anything but just a shit name that you are going to carry the rest of your life, even worst now the whole world know about your shit you have to live with it but not the dead one. LOL


dying for attention this sick wade.
.............pretty sad.

@ Mister+Baja

Absolutely right. What 's the point for this?? So stupid.

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