The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 16 Recap: Lisa Vander-Dumped!

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Last night on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 16, we learned that these ladies will stop at nothing when it comes to stirring up drama.

Okay, that's basically true of every episode, but still. It was just nuts!

You can watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online for the full effect, but long and short of it? Lisa Vanderpump got called out on her meddling. HARD.

Brandi Glanville, Kyle and Kim Richards and Yolanda Foster all began to jump aboard the TAKE DOWN LISA bandwagon, leading to an epic confrontation.

The final straw? Lisa's behavior at a party for Yolanda's daughter Gigi.

Kyle had Brandi pass on a ring to Carlton Gebbia to complete a necklace she'd given her before their falling out, and Lisa just couldn't let that one go.

Lisa whispered "but the necklace is blue, isn't it?" And it was ON then.

At that point it became apparent - not that it was a big mystery prior to this incident - that she was goading Carlton into confronting Kyle at the party.

Carlton bounded, though, and Yolanda read Lisa the riot act over this.

Kim Gets Spray Tanned
Who knew Kim Richards was shy? She keeps her bra on here while getting a spray tan.

Vanderpump, of course, feigned ignorance, but the days of her ruling the roost are over, baby. Well except on Vanderpump Rules. She's still #1 there.

The dominoes fell quickly, though, because without Brandi Glanville in her corner, Lisa was exposed as the puppet master meddler she's always been.

She pretended not to care or to know what the commotion is. But she cares, and she knows. Because deep down it stings, and badly, to be the dethroned queen.

How will she respond now that she's reeling from this?

We can only wait and see, but we promise it's going to be good ... if your definition of "good" is watching a bunch of rich people fight over stupid stuff.

Joanna Krupa
Joanna Krupa is hotter than hot on The Real Housewives of Miami.

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I don't agree with anything you wrote. Lisa has a huge fan base because she is genuine. She does try bringing the excitement by stirring the pot a little (com'on! she's on reality show, she can't just stay innocent like an angel and expect to get her paycheck) but as far as being fake and manipulative, NOPE, we don't see that AT ALL. Lisa having issues with Adrienne and talking to Brandi about it is well justified - Adrienne tried to bring Lisa down behind her back. But Brandi attacking Adrienne was all stemmed from her own issues with Adrienne. Brandi believed Adrienne planted stories about Brandi and her children to the tabloids. THis is NOT LIsa, although I bet Lisa enjoyed seeing things play out this way. However, we did see Kyle asking all the troublesome questions last season egging them on just to make the others look bad, and feeding Faye, who wans't even a full cast, all the bad stories and ideas about Lisa and Barndi, so she could go at them like a bulldog when she did see them. Now that is manipulation. She just didn't realize the viewers are as shrewd as she is, and see right through her.


Lisa can only be a puppet master for those really stupid people like Brandi and Kyle. Not only is Brandy stupid, she's a gross seeking for attention bada$$. Wish her, Kim, Kyle and Carlton gone! And yes, team Lisa!


I agree with most of you guys about Carlton. Carlton doesn't need to be on the show. What the producers should of done is keep all the woman on the show but Yolanda, Brandi, Carlton. They could of just stayed with up to Joyce. Brandi is acting so immature and being so mean to Joyce. Joyce said the truth about Brandi. Brandi is miserable because she doesn't have a man. I like Joyce and all the ladies but Yolanda, Brandi, Carlton. Brandi is rich and she shouldn't leave her house open. I just hope she fired her personal assistant as her nanny. It was her personal assistant fault of leaving the kids unattended. Brandi you need to hire someone better who is your friend and your personal assistant. That Cameron girl couldn't be trusted. She doesn't care for Brandi because she wanted to hang out by herself. Brandi should talk to her kids and find out what really happened. Some nannies in beverly hils are no good. If she needs some help to find a good babysitter then she can ask Carlton for help. Carlton has a good friend who also her kids nanny who watches her kids. Some young girls as nannies cannot be trusted. If the writers was thinking about making some big changes by next season then get rid of Brandi, Carlton and Yolanda. Yolanda is so fake. She does not care for Mauricio of what he does for living.


Pplease please please get the trash off this show.with carlton the show is pure ghetto.!!!! This
witch is pure evil. She only wants yo fight and have sex.she is old and ugly. Dimp her


I am an Orthodox Jew. I rarely think anyone is an anti- Semite. But the way Carlton reacted, and what she said, when Kyle innocently mistook her tattoo for a Jewish star, was unpleasant and did sound like a Jewish star was an object of disgust to her. I don't like her at all and think she is a phony and a bore, and not easy on the eyes.


I think joyce and husband are nice. Like Kyle and her husband. Lisa and her husband are ok and Yolanda and hers are ok. Brandi has acted mean and crazy a lot this season feel somewhat sorry for her though due to her heartache. Think Lisa not a good friend to be so chummy with Sheena. She didn't need to host engagement party at her home and stick her in brandi face so much. I don't care for Carleton and I've tried but she's too difficult and hardcore alpha birch for me. I hate the hypocrisy of these ladies that they don't stick to what's right and wrong and have different rules for different people. I have more respect for someone willing to stand alone than cave in to someone's dream team stupid rude crap. I think Kim yelling at ken next show calling him a stubborn old man is ugly! She's no spring chicken herself would she like to be dismissed like that? Also ken told joyce husband to stay out of it when his wife was cussed at but its ok for him to stick up for his wife? These people all need to rise to a better fair level of humanity.


I think your being unfair. The ladies, and I use that word loosely, decided to gang up on lisa maybe for ratings. Kyle has it out for lisa because of the story of her husband cheating. Brandi is just paranoid. These women will do anything for publicity. It's very sad. They are suppose to be friends. They sure don't act like it.

@ maura

Agree these ladies r paranoid. Kyle has been talking shit all year behind Lisa's back and yet Lisa defended her to Carlton.

@ maura

Brandi is trying to be relevant so she stirs the pot .Geez the girl needs to learn to quit talking about others


I do not know where you guys found Carlton but she is trash...Brandi is not as bad as Carlton and that is not saying much. Please get rid of that stupid trashy witch, Carlton!!!!

@ bunny hayden

Carlton is the biggest 2 faced b...h I have ever seen has anyone noticed that she says when she has a problem with someone she confronts them directly ( bulls..t) she goes to Yolanda's house says she has a dream that Kyle was talking behind her back HELLO what did she do she's bonkers


Lisa, You are the star--all of them are jealous of you. All of them are not your friend. Brandie is evil. Kyle is insecure and trouble maker like Yolanda--she is back stabber. Brandie is evil thinker, ungrateful-she only used you. She's full of dirty and false accusations about you. And Kim changed drastically. Kim is a lot humble and nicer when she used to be alcoholic. Listen they are not your friends. They are jealous of you. Stay away from all of them. You have everything already--It's not worth to be around these evil womens specially Brandie. Brandie is full of evilness in her. I am so glad his ex-husband Eddie divorced her. She is one trashy and a big BULLY. Quit the show and keep the Vanderpump rules. Without you in Realhousewives of Beverly Hills that shows will be left with insecure, back stabber and envious women and only the same kind like them will watch them. Brandie, Yolanda, Kyle and Kim--are not your friends. They hate you, because you have everything...think lisa...and watch your back...


I liked Lisa the first season or two, and then I disliked her. I'm starting to like her more now, though. Whenever the ladies gang up on someone, it's ugly and tasteless.