Nadya "Octomom" Suleman: Facing Additional Welfare Fraud Charge

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Uh oh. Nadya Suleman now has four welfare fraud charges against her. 

The lady famous for birthing octuplets, known better by her nickname Octomom, is dealing with new charges filed this week by the L.A. County D.A.'s Office.

The new charge alleges the mother of 14 received $10,000 in MediCal benefits she was not entitled to.

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Nadya Suleman pleaded not guilty to welfare fraud last month after allegedly not reporting income made from her sex tape and topless dancing gig. 

Suleman "allegedly failed to disclose that she was also getting checks for personal appearances and residuals from videos," District Attorney Jackie Lacey said. 

The whole Octomom porn career path is no secret.

She even spoke about it with Queen O on an episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?calling the adult film experience "liberating and empowering."

According to the prosecutor, the 38-year-old faces up to six years and four months in prison time if convicted of defrauding the welfare system.


She is not guilty.


Is not about illegals!!!, Americans, African Americans, are getting welfare too, huge percent of Americans especially obese people 100% Americans not able to pay for their own food, millions of illegals are paying taxes with not refund, why because they work with not social security and all taxes they paid goes to government and if you can see , illegal people they can't get benefits!!! All that money goes to this welfare and people with snap, I'm not American, we are paying huge amount $$$ taxes + medical insurance and this lazy people is getting free food, medical care,snap etcccc....... At least most illegal people came to usa for work and earn some money with dignity. I'm sure some illegals try to get some government help but is not huge % most of them are afraid or waiting for an opportunity to be able to live under legal situacion..

@ Diana

Diana, Where did you get your information? I Worked for the Government / State and I know all illegal's get Access cards, medical, snap and many more benefits. How can an illegal pay taxes when they have no Social Security Number??? If you are talking about Obese Americans getting aid, you bet, their parents worked and paid in to SS so these so called obese Americans could live comfortably in the country in which they were born. Go back to your own country and stop sucking the life out of the Americans. And while you are in your own country, learn to spell English.. No one here spells situation like this (situacion) Go Home to where ever you came from.


illegal immigrants get help for their American born children, just like octomom is .Should an american born child be denied help because of it's parents? I think not.Nor should octomom's children, because their mom.The children are the actual losers in all of this. Please don't blame one group of people ,when every race in America is guilty of welfare fault.


Weird how ONLY the octomom is guilty of welfare fraud and should be punished, when our borders are open and we have illigal immgrints getting welfare just FINE! The Boston Bomber was on welfare and on all kinds of help, and I don't think he ever got charged, but Octomom deserves it, how DARE she not be an illegal immagrint!


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