Justin Bieber DUI Case Likely Headed to Trial: Should He Go to Jail?

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Justin Bieber and Miami Beach prosecutors look like they're unable to reach a deal in his pending DUI case. Will the troubled star go to jail as a result?

Officials offered a no contest plea deal to reckless driving, provided the singer submit to random drug tests for 6-9 months, among other stipulations.

Sources connected with Justin say Bieber rejected the deal and that he absolutely will not plead guilty to anything that includes probationary terms.

In other words, he'll pay a big fine and take a wrist slap, that's it.

Justin Bieber Mugshot
Justin Bieber Mug Shot

Law enforcement sources are equally adamant that they will not agree to any plea if Justin does not agree to drug testing, so what we have is a stalemate.

As a result, a trial in the DUI case is looking surprisingly likely.

Law enforcement sources even acknowledge there are problems with the arresting officer, namely that he supposedly lied about smelling booze on Bieber.

Another cop claimed Justin was drag racing. Also dubious.

Justin blew a .014 the night of his arrest - still illegal, as he's underage, but basically one drink tops - and was reportedly "racing" at a top speed of 27 m.p.h.

Nonetheless, prosecutors are not afraid of trying the case, and Justin's famed lawyer, Roy Black, is already gearing up for a high-profile courtroom battle.

Justin could be tried for DUI, resisting arrest, and driving on an expired license, adding up to a maximum of more than two years in jail if convicted.

In all likelihood, this is still not going to trial. Someone will blink or terms will be reached that save both sides the hassle and allow everyone to move on.

If he is dragged into court, though ... we'll stream it live!!!!!!

You tell us, THGers: Should Justin Bieber go to jail?


Or Plus My dad who is a Police Officer have said, "A officer must remain still during a DUI Field Sobriety Test, If the officer is moving walking back and forth it could distract the person from passing the test." This officer during the test was walking back and forth and taking out his cell phone and texting some one. Which I might add is against police rule's. So in the result of the test tainted. The prosecution has a week case at best. Look you can prove he was high base on what he said and they have to be active in you body before impairment..


Should he, YES! Will he, NO! Tired of hearing about this immature trouble making child. His mom needs to put her foot in his butt. He will never stop trying to be a little white ghetto thug! Disappear Justin!!!

@ Who cares anymore

No, The Police set him up and what they did is call profile the car. The stupid state attorney is dumb to try this case. We will see today if the Officer show up for the Khalil trial if he doesn't he was lying the whole time. Could hurt their case against Justin Bieber. They will follow you into a another law enforce ment area and then pull you over it happen to Me. Lucky a Police officer just happen to drive by and Noticed show I got off. He never had his light and siren on as a Cross the Law line about five minutes into the other law area he pull me over but he wasn't the law for that city. Stop saying he ghetto trash because it most like that what you think you are.

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