Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: I'm the Redneck Emeril Lagasse! BAM!

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Last night on Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 5, Willie and Jase Robertson got into a beef - and later, an epic showdown - over who makes better burgers.

Jase concedes that Willie is unquestionably the better burger "eater," for obvious reasons, but that fact does not make him the "Burger Commander."

And so the burger-off begins, with the brothers heading to the store for ingredients and cracking jokes every step of the way. Who will prevail?

The local burger place, as it turned out.

When Godwin and Martin won't give your product the thumbs-up, you know you have issues, and that was the result for both of the Robertson brothers.

Willie's "Super Stack" burger, or "mountain o' beef," whichever you might call it, actually scared Godwin off. Yes, John Godwin was not impressed.

Jase didn't fare much better, overcooking his to the point where Martin declares both burgers inedible before the gang went back to the burger joint.

Leave it to the professionals, fellas.

The side plot this week was Jep scouting for materials for Jessica's decoupage project, which Willie and Jase would no doubt have a field day with.

"Decoupage. It's a French word. I know it sounds kinda dirty," says Jep of his gorgeous wife's hobby, and if someone told his brothers, we'd pay to see it.

Phil Robertson, as luck would have it, is underrated as a hoarder.

He and Miss Kay have a ton of stuff on that property, including a shed packed with newspaper. Seriously, it's like an entire shed filled with old newspapers.

Somehow, Phil convinces Jep to head to the recycling center while Jessica and Kay get down to decoupage, gluing and varnishing paper on a table.

Soaked in rat pee or not, their final product will no doubt blow away Willie and Jase's attempt at cooking. No offense to the self-proclaimed Redneck Emeril.

Want to see the events unfold for yourself in West Monroe? Follow the link to watch Duck Dynasty online at TV Fanatic and catch up on this and past episodes!

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