Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: Abby Lee Miller is Pure Evil

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Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 9 showed us once again that Abby Lee Miller is the wicked witch of the west. Or Pittsburgh, depending on the week.

Without Kelly Hyland, she's running roughshod over everyone even more prolifically than ever, letting that massive ego and bullying nature run wild.

In Pittsburgh, everyone is in the rehearsal studio but Maddie, who is working in LA. Abby is looking for the new Maddie, but it won't be Nia, Kendall or Kalani.

Chloe's facial expressions place her with Mackenzie on row two. Mackenzie beat Chloe because of the candy box she carried; Maddie is at the top.

Try to contain your shock at that development.

This week, they travel to Fort Wayne, where Abby Lee Miller really wants to notch their eighth win, and is not about to let any setbacks get in the way.

If you watch Dance Moms online, you know how the unabashed shot-caller she gets when her eyes are on the prize. Think teeth-gnashing intensity.

Mackenzie will be doing an acrobat called "Red," Kalani "Swan Solstice" and Chloe "Into Me." Since Maddie is MIA, the others will improvise for the lead.

It comes down to Kendall and Chloe with Kendall winning. The solos start and Chloe is up first. Abby wants her to look inside herself and BE Maddie.

Christi feels that Abby will never put Maddie up against anyone who might take her down. Meanwhile, Kelly Hyland calls Christi and wants to catch up.

Kira wants to tag along to make sure that Kelly isn't returning, which is clearly not happened anytime soon after the Abby Lee Miller fight ... right?

Abby tears them a new one about associating with the enemy and discussing studio business outside the studio ... because that never happens or anything.

On the bus, Abby tells the girls to act like professional dancers. Soon enough, it's time for the competition in Indiana. So how did the girls perform?

Chloe performs "Into Me" and does well. Kalani performs "Swan Solstice" adequately. MacKenzie's performance is good until she loses her hair piece.

When The Beast enters the dressing room, Kalani gets a great, Chlose gets a good, and Mackenzie just gets yelled at about being unprofessional.

As the girls perform "The Bite," Abby is happy. Or as happy as she can be. The group wins first in junior dance, so we can avoid any epic meltdowns.

Well, mostly. Chloe gets a very good, but Abby tells her she needs to take more lessons. Christi tells Abby that Chloe does, and Abby calls Christi Satan.

And thus ends Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 9. Reality TV at its finest, although we really hope we don't ever have to take lessons from this woman.


I use to love to watch dance mom's, but the bullying by Abbey to the children as well as the mothers has turned me against this show.


Abby started the fight by getting in Kelly's personal space first. Abby moved into Kelly's space... Kelly did not move into Abby's space soo abby did start it and tried biting at kelly. If I saw a five year old trying to bite people they would be time out and have a call to the parent for discipline also the administrator would be notified in case the parent of the child they were trying-to bite made a complaint about the incident .hmmm so you figure it out.if it's not ok for a 5 year old to act that way and a 5 year old is disciplined and made to,understand that their actions are Unacceptable and apology is in order. then...what do you think abby should do ? Abby did this to kelly and stood there and laughed while she tried to bite at kelly. That's NOT funny and if anyone thinks it is we need to have all the brakes applied and some one needs some serious mental health help.... The cycle of abuse.. The abuser makes the victim feel responsible for the abuse . Abuse escalates from verbal, to throwing things, to getting in the victims personal space more and more antagonizing the victim so the abuser can them blame the victim .. Sound familiar? Google cycle of abuse. Fill in the blanks with names... The only question left is why is this allowed to grow and continue.... People get divorces over LESS abuse then I see on dance moms..... Hmmmmm


Abby is a bully . who things she is Gods gift . news flash your not.
God does not like people who hurt children, . and the station should be ashamed of there self . as well .
those kids are scared ,she pits them against each other . she screwed up the kids friendship . shame on her . she buds into peoples lives . who the hell is she to tell the moms . who they can see or not . that women needs some help she is mental ..
I love the kids , moms bud out Abby shut your mouth . station tell abby to back off


I believe Abby, has escalated her toughness because the producers have directed her to do so. There is no doubt that Abby is a great dance teacher and choreographer. The moms do interfere a lot with the instructions they receive and their "pep talk" or directives do conflict with what Abby attempt to teach the girls. Abby students are not in a local dance studio that teaches dance for fun and self improvement. Abby is teaching by stages for students that want to pursue a career in dance, acting, singing etc. She teaches them that the first impression is one chance and just that. There are no second chances and there are no second place winner. She is teaching them reality. At the beginning of the show the mothers did not meddled and the girls were more focus, as the mother (and most mothers do meddle) became more vocal in front of the girls the girls pick up the tension, they became less concentrated and it showed in the difficulty to pick up the choreography, apply the technic properly and make so many mistakes in their routine. Abby is also loosing her mother to cancer. I am sure she feels that if the girls could perform without the intervention of their mothers, she could finish their routines so she can go to her mother side. Kelly must have some personal stressful situation, that renders her hysterical at the drop of a hat. The "fight" was cause by both Kelly and Abby high grade of frustration. Kelly was wrong to assault Abby. You can tell that Kelly realized that she ha cross the line, the moment she goes to slap Abby's face. It is clear Kelly regret her action as she slowed her hand but could not stopped it on time, so she goes for the hair. It is so unfortunate, because Brook and Abby had been close and now is finished. The producers must stop ruining a show makes Abby and the moms look bad, The girls are great kids and the mothers raised them well, they should stop reacting to what they think or feel. It is a wonderful show and I enjoy it.


Lifetime should remove this show from there programming! Abby is a bully and she should not be glorified as a teacher. Someone should start an on line petition to have Lifetime remove the show. She deliberately started the fight with Kelly knowing she would be able to kick her off the team. She is abusive!


Abby is mean so why does the dance moms keep bring their kids to her? Maybe for the money and their 15 minutes of fame? I hope Kelly wins her lawsuit on Abby being abusive and then child protection agency takes her kids for continuing to bring her kids to Abby during the 3 + years she did the show. If Kelly can sue now for after her and her kids were kicked off the show. She should have sued 3 years ago if she had her kids best interest as a concern.

@ My opinion

Abby is mean, but, meanwhile, those mothers fight tooth and claw to keep their kids on the team, and on the show. There are thousands of kids who audition. It's one of Lifetime's highest rated shows, spawning the spinoff competition show. I think Abby is pretty rough to take, but, I wouldn't let my kids be exposed to it, so to me, the mothers have more culpability and blame.


What is going on with this show. It used to be entertaining; now it's a bunch of bullying. I thought we were supposed to teach kids and each other that bullying is WRONG!


This show has too go ,..Abbey needs to go to jail for abuse..

@ helen

The moms are the ones who expose their children to her, don't forget that. If it was a nice little dance show, with everyone singing kumbaya every week, no one would watch.. Maybe the show is hard to take, but, meanwhile, look how it stirs up interest, and people watch it week after week.


How can this be acceptable. ..seriously how can child protection service have not got involved. This is not ethical. can she treat children this way

@ ola shodimu

Yes, CPS should investigate why Kelly let her kids be abused by this cruel team's leader. Kelly is a disgrace for letting her children be tortured. They should be taken away form the mothers whose personal ambition was more important than the children's wellbeing. SHAME ON THOSE MOTHERS.


Funny how the title of this recap uses "evil". When Abby called Christi Satan towards the end, she topped even her own abusive language low. Honestly it feels like the moms, to coin a phrase, have made a bargain with the devil by signing on to the show. Kelly's lawsuit makes it clear that they are contractually obligated to stay on the show...or else.

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