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Altogether now: “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate..."

On an edition of E! News last Thursday, bullying Dance Moms choreographer took aim at Taylor Swift, saying she isn’t a fan of the singer’s dance moves in the video for "Shake It Off."

"She should have had the Abby Lee Miller Treatment as a child," Miller said. "The dancers are wonderful. I love Taylor Swift - I think she's a great role model for the girls - but I like her sitting in a chair with her guitar, singing."

Bring It On
What do you have to say about cheerleaders NOW, Taylor?

Clearly, Miller doesn't get it, a fact we deride each week when we watch Dance Moms online and see her clash with parents.

Swift knows she's an awkward dancer. She's embracing that fact in her latest video. Sheesh!

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Tuesday's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 27 introduced us to "The Understudies," and all the tension you knew that would entail on the Lifetime hit.

We were also introduced to the moms' evil White Board of PAIN.

At the "Sheer Talent" competition in New Jersey, the moms are fuming over the treatment Maddie gets from Abby. What makes Maddie so special?!

The pyramid has Kendall, Chloe and MacKenzie on the bottom, with Nia and Maddie on top to go up against Candy Apples and dreaded foe Cathy.

Gino and Maddie competing against each other? OH it's ON now. Though Maddie has a part in a web-based program and may miss the competition.

As a result, Kendall and Chloe will be the understudies for Maddie, the only one of the group who, as of right now, is assured of dancing at Nationals.

The moms have had it up to HERE with Abby and Maddie's star treatment, which you probably could've predicted if you watch Dance Moms online.

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With Nationals fast approaching, the tension was thick on Lifetime's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 24. You could cut it with a knife at certain points.

Follow the link to watch Dance Moms online. Now, on to our recap of last night's events, as the girls - and moms - vie for the glory on the biggest stage.

As "National Dance Competition" season kicks off in Waterford, Mich., Nia is at the bottom of the pyramid followed by MacKenzie, Kendall, Tea, Chloe, Maddie.

As Abby congratulates the whole team, something is clearly off. Sarah and Christy join the group, and Abby promptly tells Christy to shut her yap.

The big drama is that Ava will be competing against two of Abby's dancers, and she tells Maddie to have a costume ready in case she is needed.

Abby is NOT going to lose to Jeanette. Not at any cost. The moms think Jeanette is pulling this move to show off Ava to Abby. How will she respond?

After rehearsals, Abby tells Holly that Nia is not cutting it. Holly stands there and listens to her her lecture but tells Abby, "Whatever," as she walks out.

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Lawyers representing the Lifetime show Dance Moms are annihilating former cast member Kelly Hyland and her lawsuit against the popular program.

Hyland claims she is just an "unsophisticated woman from rural Pennsylvania” who did not know when she signed her contract that it barred her from suing.

However, a lawyer for Collins Avenue Entertainment LLC said she is exactly the opposite, a “savvy” woman understood exactly what deal she signed.

Kelly Hyland Image

If you watch Dance Moms online, you know Hyland is suing the show and its main star, Lee Miller, the dance studio shot-caller and show matriarch.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Ruth Kwan stated she was inclined to toss out Hyland’s claim that Miller defamed her in the aftermath of an episode last year.

Defense attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case under California’s anti-SLAPP law protecting free speech. But attorneys representing Hyland argued otherwise.

They claim their clients were not properly compensated and that the contract between them and the series was unfairly slanted in favor of the production company.

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This week on Lifetime's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 23, Abby has two teams waiting in the studio and one of the moms starts pushing her buttons.

Abby ponders whether to take the elite or select team. Hmm. Abby says she's taken out the trash (Christy), and we're seeing a Loree vs. the moms rivalry.

MacKenzie, Chloe and Nia are on the bottom of the pyramid, with the second row comprised of Jade and Kendall. Maddie is back on top, everyone.

With a competition in Washington, D.C., on tap this week, the new moms are upstairs. Christi looks worried, believing this routine is designed for defeat.

The new moms and old moms, at odds with each other. If you watch Dance Moms online, you know this formula well. It's as old as life. Or time. Or Lifetime.

Are the new moms the villains? That's the vibe we get as Loree asks the new moms to lunch, but they aren't buying the whole "we're all friends" bit.

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This week on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 21, Maddie is absent and Abby Lee Miller is scrambling. What will she do without her star in this competition?

They're off to Shenandoah Valley to do battle with three solos and a group routine called "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves." Should be a riveting one.

In the pyramid, the bottom row has Maddie, Chloe and Nia, but Sarah didn't make it to first place. She's below MacKenzie and Kendall. So sad for Christy.

With no Kelly Hyland to clash with, Christy seems to be emerging as Abby's chief adversary. She had best watch herself, lest she pay a heavy price.

As rehearsals start, Abby is already comparing the girls to Maddie. When Maddie arrives at the studio later, Abby wants her to share her experiences.

The moms are upset at this, seeing Maddie as being the thorn in each girl's side. Holly then gets more upset when Abby tells Nia to bark like a dog.

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It looks like former Dance Moms star Kelly Hyland still cannot stop thinking about Abby Lee Miller and their relationship, which she's not supposed to be discussing.

The former cast member, who is no longer off the show after their epic fight last year, recently shared a tweet that accuses Miller of being TV's biggest bully.

Hyland retweeted an article that asks, "Why is Abby Lee Miller allowed to be a bully?" while questioning the "teaching" you see when you watch Dance Moms.

Dance Moms: Abby Lee Miller-Kelly Hyland Fight!
Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms goes at it with Kelly Hyland in this clip from Season 4 Episode 7.

Kelly Hyland didn't comment further regarding the post, but she's legally been ordered to stop Tweeting about Miller. Maybe retweets don't technically count?

Her trial against Abby Lee, who she accuses of being verbally abusive towards her dancers with her erratic behavior, has stalled since Hyland exited the show.

The lawsuit against Miller says that she was set up to be booted off the show to generate ratings, while "Miller screams at the girls in front of the other dancers."

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Tuesday night on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 20, the Elite Team geared up to end its losing streak with a competition against the Candy Apples.

After subjecting the losers to a personal walk of shame, Abby Lee Miller nabs a former Candy Apple to dance a duet with Maddie. The plot thickens ...

Abby has gotten Cathy's old dancer Gino to partner with Maddie, and perhaps more significantly, Maddie seems to have a clue what's going on now.

In the pyramid meeting, Abby rubs our girls' noses in losing two competitions, because if you watch Dance Moms online, you know that's how she rolls.

Abby tells them to "suck it up" and gives them a lecture on attitude, while this week, IN10sity is in Cleveland, Ohio, which will be the competition site.

That means Cathy and Candy Apples. The duet is "The Girl Has Gotta Be Kissed" and inspired by Abby's stint as guest judge on Dancing with the Stars.

Maddie is given the lead with Gino (formerly of the Candy Apples), and right away, Maddie and Gino have trouble with the kiss that this entails.

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It started as a rumor.

And it nearly ended in a knockout.

Last night, at a restaurant in Spain, Orlando Bloom tried to punch Justin Bieber, presumably due to chatter about Bieber's relationship with Bloom's ex-wife, Miranda Kerr.

Did she simply find him cute? Did the model and the singer actually hook up? Based on Bieber's Instagram response, it certainly seems like the latter.

Bloom's roundhouse may have (unfortunately) missed Bieber's skull, but no matter. These two still deserve a spot in our rundown of the craziest celebrity fights in Hollywood history. Why?

Because ORLANDO BLOOM TRIED TO PUNCH JUSTIN BIEBER. It makes us giddy just to write those words...

Dance Moms: Abby Lee Miller-Kelly Hyland Fight!
Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms goes at it with Kelly Hyland in this clip from Season 4 Episode 7.

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Kelly Hyland says her arch-nemesis, Dance Moms instructor, Abby Lee Miller terrorized her young daughter to the point where the girl needs serious therapy.

  • Kelly Hyland, Dance Mom
  • Abby Miller Image

Hyland, who's suing Lifetime's producers, made her daughter Paige so nervous during rehearsals that she began suffering panic attacks, and serious ones at that.

To the point of hyperventilation, she says ... and it gets worse.

Hyland says in her lawsuit producers exacerbated the situation, rather than trying to help the girl, by shoving cameras in Paige's face during her anxiety attacks.

Paige, she says, had to go to a psychiatrist due to the trauma.

Kelly Hyland claims Miller also harassed her, calling her an alcoholic, overbearing stage mom and giving her eight bottles of tequila as a passive-aggressive Christmas gift.

The two famously got into it on Dance Moms last season. Watch Abby Lee Miller and Kelly nearly come to blows in the infamous, HEATED clip below:

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