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Kelly Hyland says her arch-nemesis, Dance Moms instructor, Abby Lee Miller terrorized her young daughter to the point where the girl needs serious therapy.

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Hyland, who's suing Lifetime's producers, made her daughter Paige so nervous during rehearsals that she began suffering panic attacks, and serious ones at that.

To the point of hyperventilation, she says ... and it gets worse.

Hyland says in her lawsuit producers exacerbated the situation, rather than trying to help the girl, by shoving cameras in Paige's face during her anxiety attacks.

Paige, she says, had to go to a psychiatrist due to the trauma.

Kelly Hyland claims Miller also harassed her, calling her an alcoholic, overbearing stage mom and giving her eight bottles of tequila as a passive-aggressive Christmas gift.

The two famously got into it on Dance Moms last season. Watch Abby Lee Miller and Kelly nearly come to blows in the infamous, HEATED clip below:

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After back-to-back weeks at the top, Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy fell to the bottom of the heap on Dancing with the Stars Monday night.

Although they were spared elimination on the Dancing with the Stars results show (and weren't even in the bottom three) Maks was not happy about it.

Specifically, he was put off by guest judge Abby Lee Miller.

Maks put together a rumba about a dysfunctional relationship (fittingly), and while the moves were excellent, it felt more like a contemporary routine.

Carrie Ann Inaba felt there was energy in every move, but there wasn't enough rumba content, while Abby felt that Meryl's footwork needed ... work.

A chorus of boos rained down from the audience.

After receiving their lowest score of the night from Abby and falling behind Amy Purdy's perfect 10s, Maks said "I really don't care for anything she has to say."

BURRRRN. So much for being a big "teddy bear."

If you watch Dance Moms online, you can appreciate where Maks was coming from, no? Check out the rest of last night's performances below ...

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Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 17 marked the hit show's reunion special, and there sure is a lot to rehash after the explosive events of this spring.

Between Kelly Hyland fighting Abby Lee Miller, Abby's mother passing away, the end of The Streak and the introduction of a new team? A lot of drama.

As such, the reunion was basically a continuation of the 16-episode argument that you've already seen if you watch Dance Moms online. Good. Times.

Before any barbs are traded, producer Jeff Collins offers Abby Lee Miller condolences for the loss of her mother. It's touching, sad and poignant.

Then it's down to business as he asks Abby’s opinion on what was easily the most talked about moment of the season, when Kelly Hyland came at her.

Not unlike Kenya Moore, Abby says she didn't “sign up” to be hit in the face and acts like she's above it all despite her clear verbal assault and provocation.

Obviously, we don't advocate Abby Lee getting clocked in the grill, but we're also not surprised or all that sympathetic, because ... it's Abby Lee.

When you antagonize people like it's your job - even before you get all up in their personal space and start waving fingers - tempers will be on the rise.

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Tuesday night's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 15 saw the continuation of several developing plot lines from previous weeks, and they were doozies.

As the girls continued paying tribute to Abby's ailing mother, Maryen, the moms all felt the pressure of the imminent arrival of Abby's new rival team.

Abby, dealing with all the emotions that come along with such a situation, developed dances for the girls that paid homage to her mom and her love of dance.

But being Abby Lee Miller, drama is never far away.

The pyramid is unveiled with Nia on the bottom, as Abby also takes this opportunity to announce that not everyone will be involved in the group number.

Kira realizes that the pyramid has nothing to do with results and Maddie is on the top because she made a lasting impression with the judges. Mmmkay.

If you watch Dance Moms online, you know it's all about playing politics and favorites. Yet it seems even some of the pawns themselves don't know this.

Tension rises more than ever on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 15, however, with Abby's mother providing an even more complex emotional element.

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Last night's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 12 showed us than when it comes to sibling rivalries ... Abby Lee Miller is still the shot-caller. She's a beast.

If you watch Dance Moms online, you know this to be true, but she keeps finding new ways to assert her dominance week in and week out. It's compelling.

No police reports were filed this week, though ... that we know of. So as Dance Moms episodes go, she was actually fairly well behaved. That being said:

As this week's installment opens, Abby reveals her pyramid. Mackenzie, Peyton, and Nia are at the bottom, and as a result, Peyton storms off crying.

In the bathroom, Peyton laments how much she loves the studio and doesn’t want to leave. Abby's reply is that she needs to stop being a baby.

Maddie and Chloe are in the middle of the pyramid, and Kendall is on top, with the whole crew headed to Maryland for the World Class Rock Competition.

Chloe, Maddie, and Mackenzie will be performing solos at the competition, while Peyton will lead off the "Kinky Pants" drag queen-themed routine.

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Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 10 showed that Abby Lee Miller is the one in charge. Which we realize sounds awfully obvious, but even by her standards.

The Beast of Lifetime exerted even more power than usual this week. How?

At the pyramid meeting, Abby's satisfaction with the group's undefeated record is quickly interrupted after Holly relays that she has published a book.

Placing Kalani at the top will hush the rest of 'em up real fast.

Maggie gets her solo and Kendall also gets a lyrical solo, with Kira soon wondering why Kalani can't go up against Maddie. Abby dismisses that idea.

As for Holly's book, Abby dismisses the work as a "pamphlet."

Holly's husband, for his part, shoots her a look of death.

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Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 9 showed us once again that Abby Lee Miller is the wicked witch of the west. Or Pittsburgh, depending on the week.

Without Kelly Hyland, she's running roughshod over everyone even more prolifically than ever, letting that massive ego and bullying nature run wild.

In Pittsburgh, everyone is in the rehearsal studio but Maddie, who is working in LA. Abby is looking for the new Maddie, but it won't be Nia, Kendall or Kalani.

Chloe's facial expressions place her with Mackenzie on row two. Mackenzie beat Chloe because of the candy box she carried; Maddie is at the top.

Try to contain your shock at that development.

This week, they travel to Fort Wayne, where Abby Lee Miller really wants to notch their eighth win, and is not about to let any setbacks get in the way.

If you watch Dance Moms online, you know how the unabashed shot-caller she gets when her eyes are on the prize. Think teeth-gnashing intensity.

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Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms fame is a mammoth, vicious, crazed bully who came at one of her co-stars like a rabid dog, according to a new lawsuit.

Kelly Hyland wants $5 million as a result of the fight the two got into last month during a rehearsal in NYC. It got ugly, even by Dance Moms' low standards.

Hyland claims she was upset with Abby for yelling at her two daughters, only to watch Abby jump in front of her and begin yelling and lunging wildly.

What Kelly describes next is either hilarious or scary, depending on how you look at it. She says Abby was "gnashing her teeth loudly attempting to bite [me]."

Miller, she says, presumably in an effort to make the point that she was in danger, "is a very large woman" who likely "weighs around 300 pounds or so."

As part of the legal filing, Kelly Hyland admits that she slapped Abby Lee Miller and pulled her head away during the fracas, but only in self-defense.

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Kelly Hyland of Dance Moms fame is now legally prohibited from Tweeting at co-star Abby Lee Miler in the midst of their nasty beef with one another.

Seriously. This was spelled out.

Hyland is facing assault and harassment charges after allegedly attacking Miller, who owns and runs her kids' dance studio, in a fit of rage in November.

  • Kelly Hyland Photo
  • Abby Lee Miller Image

According to multiple reports, the two women got into a hair-pulling brawl at the studio after the Lifetime star accused Abby of slighting her young daughters.

If that doesn't make you wanna watch Dance Moms online, what will?

Speaking of which, both Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miler were there in person at the courthouse for this morning's hearing ... along with Lifetime cameras.

Hyland was ordered by the judge to stay away from Miller while the case is pending, and that means no talking to or about her, no phone calls and no Tweeting.


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Abby Lee Miller may recently have been attacked by a parent on Dance Moms, but at least the reality star is no longer under attack by her creditors.

TMZ insiders confirm that Miller successfully emerged from bankruptcy in late December, following a Chapter 7 filing from three years earlier.

Abby Lee Miller Picture

The Pittsburgh-based dance instructor claimed assets of $325,000 on those 2010 documents, along with debts that totaled over $400,000. Most of the latter was based on a defaulted mortgage.

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