Sarah Palin on Phil Robertson Scandal: Stop with the Intolerance!

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Sarah Palin has already expressed her view on the Phil Robertson scandal that has rocked television's top-rated reality show.

Soon after A&E suspended the Duck Dynasty star, Palin Tweeted that Robertson simply expressed his "personal opinion" and his rights to free speech were being impinged on.

That's a commonly misguided point of view, considering the First Amendment has nothing to do with one suffering professional consequences for one's words or actions.

But Palin went On the Record With Greta Susteren this week and admitted she hasn't actually read Robertson's fiery comments regarding homosexuality.

"I haven't read the article. I don't know exactly how he said it," Palin told the host. "What he was doing was in response to a question about a lifestyle he disagrees with, and yet he has said over and over again he doesn't hate the person engaging in the lifestyle he disagrees with, but in response he was quoting the gospel.

"So people who are so insulted and offended by what he said evidently are offended by what he was quoting in the gospel."

Robertson has since added that he's "not a hater" and that he loves "all humanity."

But he's also refused to apologize for classifying homosexuality as a sin, ranking "sexual immorality" as number-one on his biblical list of no-no's.

Ironically, Britsol Palin - who had sex and a child out of wedlock - agrees, recently saying A&E's suspension of Robertson "flies in the face of what makes America great" and referring to the LGBT community as "hypocritical" for its backlash against the star.

Sarah Palin, meanwhile concluded her interview with Susteren by saying there's a lesson we all should take from the Robertson flap:

"Thicken your skin and quit being so intolerant of people expressing public opinion and private opinion."







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@ Sims
Ohhhh yeah you are Christian and you are all right with the world . I hope a Muslim blows up a car in your face

@ Harry

I don't live around Musluims nor do I frequent Muslim areas. I am Christian and straight and self supported and with job and future! I am everything you are not and only hope to be. You will never measure up to people like me. Ever!


@ Sims
Ohhhh yeah you are Christian and you are all right with the world . I hope a Muslim blows up a car in your face


Honestly, Sarah Palin and her evangelical buddies have no room to talk, especially when how they're so touchy they see any kind of disagreement as intolerance and attacks. But their telling other people they will burn in hell and god hates them is spreading the ~love and quoting the ~gospel; in relation to Homosexuality & Women Rights. He has the right to his own opinions but when that will offend people (and he knew it would), opt out from answering by politely saying "I don't talk politics or religion outside of family and friends," simple as that.


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@ Harry

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But seriously, if she is going to publicly defend the man and what he said, but not actually take the 3 minutes to read it (or have someone read it to her) before opening her mouth, why should anyone give a second of thought to what she says. You can have an informed opinion or you can have an uninformed opinion. Both are still opinions, but one is better than the other. If she is putting herself in the spotlight (no one forced her to post about this when it happened) you'd think she'd at least do a slight bit of homework first. But again, look who we are talking about... And once again, this is not about freedom of speech, no one stopped him from saying what he did, and the government did not take action on him for his words. His private employer did, which last time I checked, is still permitted in the constitution. He has freedom of speech, but not freedom of consequences of the speech. But don't expect Sarah Palin to understand that either...




Dear Dumb Fucks,
This deep fried turd is an EMPLOYEE of A&E...he signed a contract. Yes..we have the right to free speech in the United States..however...your employer has standards to which you abide to under your employment contract. Are you dummies following so far?
He did not abide to those standards when he spewed a bunch of garbage from his pork rind hole. It doesnt matter if is was off camera or on his own time...he is still supposed to carry himself as an employee of A&E. If he doesnt...then his employer has the right to suspend or terminate his contract.
its that simple.
Can you walk up to your employer and call him a "dumb mothetfucker".. can. can you get arrested for it? probably not likely..can you get fired? YES!
Now sit down and shut the fuck up.


I think freedom of speech has nothing to do with this. "Duck Dynasty" is watched all over America and some of the people watching are homosexual and what Phil Robertson said probably offended them. So it probably brought ratings down and the producers decided to drop him from the show because all the producers seem to care about is money.


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